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Match Report - 16 Mar 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts lost to Whitkirk Wanderers

10- Worldy 9- excellent. 8- very good. 7- good. 6 - average 5- poor. 4- very poor. 3- shouldn't have bothered

Readers of this report should know that it was written over 30 hours after the game so should not be seen as a 'knee jerk' reaction or ill considered commentary based upon and influenced by one of the most disappointing displays by any Mods team in this correspondent's 30 year attachment to the club.

We lost a game. Big deal. In football, in sport, you have to be able to take losing. You really can't win them all. If you were guaranteed to win them all, there wouldn't be much point in playing would there?

This is about the nature of losing and the shameful capitulation shown by a bunch of frightened weaklings with characters of glass and humming bird hearts.

If the other team are better and outplay you. If the other team out think you and defeat you through superior tactics. If the other team are the beneficiaries of outrageous luck or poor decisions by the officials then, fair enough. It hurts, but you have to put your hand up and accept that.

If however, the other team are average at best and win through being switched on more and show one trillion per cent more desire to win than a bunch of softies from the leafy suburbs then that is truly shameful.
No doubt there will be those who were on the pitch reading this now thinking or saying to each other via social media: 'I really wanted to win! I really hurt at the end of the game! I'm really gutted that we're out of the competition!'

Sorry. Don't believe you. You had your chance to sort it out. You had 90 minutes to sort it out and you sat back and hoped someone else would do it for you. You watched a game of football drift away from you and the best you could do was look glum in the bar after the game. It never actually occurred to you to do anything about it on the pitch. Not a voice raised. Not an angry word. Not a bad tackle attempted.

When we gave the ball away and seemed happy to keep giving the ball away, we didn't demand that we STOPPED GIVING THE FU**ING BALL AWAY. When we were conceding goals because we weren't switched on at set pieces we didn't demand that we should be switched on at set pieces.

'Get off his back!' We should change that to latin and have it as our new motto and put it below our sacred badge. That's what we are league champions at - getting off people's backs. Come to the Mods - there'll never be anyone on your back. Guaranteed.

How about this for an alternative motto: 'Get on his back and don't get off his back until he stops being crap'. It's an intense time. It's 90 minutes to sort it out. Fall out with someone for 30 seconds and afterward, carry on being their friend for 30 years because everyone knows that you haven't got much time to sort it out and it had to be done. Man up.

This team has a number of players who have never put up a net, never line marked a pitch and never carted a filthy kit to the laundry. They pay their standing orders and turn up like it's some private health club that they've paid for so they deserve to just turn up. Maybe put a shift in. Maybe not. Have a quick pint and then scarper. When they turn up next week, the pitch will be all sorted, their kit hung up and all that is asked of them is that they try to provide some kind of balance by understanding what competitive sport is about and actually compete.

Given our relative success with promotion and getting to cup finals, this may seem a strange stance. What has the first team won since 2001?

Just a quick note about the opposition. Certain members of our club were a little put out by the patronising tone of the report provided by Leeds City after their narrow defeat of our first team. It was thought that this represented a lack of class by important members of Leeds City and that we would deal with them when our time comes.

It is important to record therefore that Whitkirk fully deserved their victory. They wanted to win much, much more than we did and that's the holy grail at this level. All around the pitch, we had players who would get in their team and I saw few who would replace any of our players in our team
on ability alone.
Ability covers many aspects though. Is the ability to bring a ball down under control as important as the ability to fight to impose yourself on the game and make up for any skill or tactical shortcomings? What about the ability to maintain high standards? What about the ability to give and take criticism like a man instead of a child?

I came out of the half time talk in the changing room thoroughly depressed. It was like; 'we've let ourselves down in that half, let's throw some hearty 'come on lads' into the mix and someone will get us out of the shit'.

Forty five minutes later, we're trooping off the pitch looking forward to our sausage sandwiches, making sure we are looking distraught. There really should have been fist fights in that dressing room with the people who did give a shit knocking out those who didn't. Having said that, the odds of about 12:3 weren't encouraging.

Please, please don't read this and think, 'hang on,this isn't about me' Yes it is. You had the best chance for a generation to get to the biggest final this city can offer and you absolutely bottled it. You had the best opportunity to play in a prestigious semi final and get to a final at Elland Road that you and all at the club would have remembered and cherished for a long long time. Instead, you rolled over and died.

Well, at least we didn't get on anyone's back so that's ok.

Report - Smythey
Player ratings - Birchy

Whitkirk Wanderers 4 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Thomas Day   8 MoM
2 William Brown   6
3 Danny Todd   8
4 Simon Oliver   6
5 Zac Brown   6
6 Josh Williams   6
7 Brendan Gilligan   6
8 Alex Pouncett   1 6. Goal 10 mins
9 Simon Lewis   6
10 Alex Higgins   6
11 Jonny Hick   1 7. Goal 25 mins
12 Jonny Wilson   6. On 75 mins
13 Danny Clemence   6. On. 65 mins
14 Danny Claxton   Injured
15 Danny Forrest   7. On 55 mins
16 Mick Birch