Leeds Modernians Football Club News story

Saturday 21st July

10 Jul 2018

Dear Mods

A couple annual of things to bring to your attention:

On Saturday 21st July the club are holding their annual BBQ (short for barbecue) and in order to support our club, we can hopefully get a good turnout from the football section. Tickets are £5 each, which includes food and entertainment (in the evening) from 'Manfloo' (a band that includes Dave Collins and Phil Howden in it's lineup!). So please let's show our faces and show the rest of the club that we support these things. Please contact me if you're interested.

On the same day, there will be training from 10-12 and then the first team are playing a friendly (against Gildersome) at 2pm. That might be an opportunity to do some tidying up around the club pitch (after training). So, we need a gang of people to help clean up the fence around the pitch and also attempt to rescue the netting behind the bottom goals, so please bring your buckets and spades, and some of those washing up type sponges (unless you've got any better ideas!). I've already had a go on a small area of the fence and it won't take long if enough of us give up a bit of our time.

Finally, training has started and has been very well received, but so far numbers haven't been great. A number of people (Phil G, Danny F, Elliott S and Gibbo) are putting in a lot of effort to put these sessions on, so please do your best to get there and benefit from them.