Leeds Modernians Football Club News story

2nd half of the season

02 Jan 2019

Dear Mods

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now all that's over with, we can get on with the 2nd half of the season.

A couple of big things to remind you of:

1. Hopefully you will be aware that it all starts again this Saturday (5th January) and that all four teams have a game that day, so we have to put four teams out! Please take a few minutes to update your availability, and if at all possible, make yourselves available. You will all be aware that it has been a struggle putting out four teams in recent times and it makes life a lot easier for us as a committee, as well as making us a lot more competitive on the pitch, if we have enough players to select.

2. The second instalment of subs (£95) is due by the end of January. Please help to reduce the amount of chasing we have to do by paying as promptly as possible (obviously Christmas is an expensive time and we will allow for that). The bank account details are: Sort code 40-27-16, account no 01025058.

There were good signs on the pitch as we got closer to Christmas. Let's build on that and have a strong second half.

See you on Saturday.