Leeds Modernians Football Club News story


12 Feb 2019

Dear Mods

It saddens me to inform you that following recent discussions, Elliott is stepping down from his role as 1st team manager. Elliott has put in a significant amount of effort and made a lot of positive changes in the way we do things. It is now up to the committee (with your help also) to carry some of those things on and build on them. I would like to place on record my thanks to him for all he has done, and wish him well in the future.

Dan Kluska has agreed to take on the role of 1st team manager for the rest of the season, with support primarily from me. He has the full support of the committee and we wish him luck in his new role. We all have to pull together in the coming weeks, so please do all you can to support the club, make yourselves available for as many games as possible in that time, and let's work as hard as possible to avoid any of our teams being relegated!