Leeds Modernians Football Club News story


15 Jul 2019

Dear Mods

Hope you've enjoyed your summer so far! 

A few important things I need to highlight:

Training is well under way and numbers have been decent (with a fair number of new players in attendance). However, as outlined at the AGM, we are doing things differently this season and the number of teams we run (and the squads we select at the end of August) will be determined largely by attendance at training, both pre-season (and throughout the season). So, it is imperative that if you want to be part of one of those squads, you get yourself to training, starting this Wednesday (6.30 start at Tinshill Top for those who haven't yet made an appearance). As a committee we understand that there might be circumstances which make this impossible, but we are asking for committed players to include attendance at training as part of that commitment. If you can't be there, please let someone know. We will do everything we can behind the scenes to give the club the best environment in which to be successful, and we need the players to show that same commitment. If for any reason you are unable to commit, or don't intend playing this season, please make a member of the committee aware (but I really don't want us to lose anyone). I think we all want our teams to be challenging at the right end of their respective leagues, and we are confident that this change will produce positive results, but it needs everyone to buy into it.

New players - we are always on the lookout for new players, so spread the word about what a great club we're all part of! 

Friendlies - a good number of friendlies have been arranged, so please look out for these and make yourselves available for as many as possible.

Sponsorship - we are always on the look out for new sponsorship opportunities, so please consider if your employers, other employers, friends, family, neighbours, neighbours friends and family etc etc might be interested in sponsorship/advertising their company on our shirts or around the pitch . We have a document which details the different levels of sponsorship available, so please let me know if this is something you might be able to explore.

That's all (and enough) for now . See you on Wednesday! 

Chris Chairperson