Leeds Modernians Football Club News story


24 Sep 2021

Dear Mods

Please take some time to read this, it's important! 

I hear a lot of talk about loving the Mods and it being the best club in the world. I love the Mods, otherwise I wouldn't have stayed for 34 years! 

I don't doubt that there are many who do love the club (the new boys haven't been here long enough yet but I'm hoping they stay and grow to love it).

However, we are in a position where, this weekend alone we have roughly 40 people UNAVAILABLE. I would like someone to explain to me how we are meant to put out 4 teams tomorrow when so many have made themselves unavailable. I appreciate that these have been strange Covid times and that people now have the freedom to socialise, go on holiday, go to weddings etc etc. We also have to deal with injuries and other unforeseen circumstances, but the way I see it is when you sign on for the best club in the world, you are making a commitment to play for the season. It's not like a gym membership where you just play when you like. You are all players for the club and your respective teams and it doesn't help either of those if teams are constantly chopping and changing. All four managers (and the rest of the committee) put in a massive amount of work, week after week, at training etc and they need consistency of availability and that leads to consistency of performance. 

I could go on, but won't. All I would ask is you seriously consider your availability and make decisions with the club and your teammates in mind. It will make things so much easier, more enjoyable and more than likely more successful. As a committee, we now need to ensure that we can put out 4 teams tomorrow. The phone calls, messages etc have already started and I can tell you it's not much fun asking for favours, desperately trying fulfil our commitment to the Leagues we play in.

Your Chairperson