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MODS UPDATE 14/11/21

14 Nov 2021

MODS UPDATE 14/11/21

NEW - Physio partnership

You spoke and we listened - The club has now set up a great partnership with local sports injury physiotherapy practice The Treadmill, which is based in the Headingley Medical Centre.

You can get in touch and book your initial consultation, which the club will pay for (claim it back with your receipt) through the Treadmill Website, https://www.thetreadmill.co.uk by calling 01132754848 or by visiting the clinic, which is on 3rd floor, Headingley Medical Centre, St Milch Shire Oak Street, LS6 2AF. Don't forget to use the code ChrisRoyMODS to get your special rate.

Following your initial consultation, all subsequent appointment are at a special MODS subsidised rate of £35.

AVAILABILITY - important

We are still struggling with lots of players missing each week - it's making it exceptionally difficult for any of the teams to gain any momentum, so if someone asks you to come see their cats, do a jigsaw with them or celebrate the anniversary of Elvis disappearing on a Saturday we would appreciate it if you told them to do one. They'll understand if you explain that you play football on Saturdays and have made a commitment that means that you simply can't drop all your mates in the shit. Or not. If you do choose to do that (and why would you?), at least tell us by updating your availability of the website. And if asked why, always lie to us and tell us you have to work. That way we won't hate you.

DO IT NOW: https://oldmods.hitsfootball.com/availability/default.aspx


From tomorrow night there will be a 4km run taking place after training. As we only have an hour on the pitch we don't want to focus on fitness and look to do everything with a ball, but we know that this extension will benefit those that do it. The group will leave Yarnbury at 7.10pm and will be back there by 7.50pm (if you're not you are a disgrace to Saturday football and need to have a good look at yourself). This is entirely voluntary, but it will benefit you and is about half the distance you should be covering between 2pm and 4pm on Saturdays.


The MODS Christmas do is now booked in for December 11th. More info to follow but put the date in your diaries. 


You will have seen that we have our first 2 advertising boards up around the club pitch. Thanks to PIZZA HOUSE and ADAM MACKENZIE for their on going support of the club, The boards look great and we are looking to to add more over the coming months. If you would like to support the club and advertise your services to 400+ potential customers it's just £300 per board, including production and installation, for 2 years.

You might also have seen that MODS legend Brian Telfer's company THE DIFFERENCE GROUP has just become main shirt sponsor for the 4th team kit. If you have an event and you need logistic help, get in touch for a conversation.


If you would like to get on board as a sponsor, get in touch with Jack Sewell on sewell085@gmail.com



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Keep up with result and fixtures here: https://oldmods.hitsfootball.com/