Match Report

Match Report - 03 Oct 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Sandal Wanderers

From YOBL:
4ths: This was a setback for Neil Bennington's lads, but the consensus was that they had met a very sound team, who already appear to be genuine title contenders. Despite a goal from Chris "Blimey" O'Reilly, we were unable to match Sandal over 90 minutes, and they clearly deserved their win. Our lads felt that Sandal were disciplined, organised, very able and decent citizens. There were no reports of "sit-down gloating".

Fair and accurate summation of the game.

Events conspired before the game that put paid to any '1st game of the season' speeches.
I sensed a collective sigh of relief from the lads.
The lads need to thank the fantastic ground staff of LCC for this, wherever they may be.

Once again, 'not my fault guv', when asked what happened back at the Mods Clubhouse.

We were a little ring rusty and huffed and puffed. Sandal W were, if not quite polished, striking and buffed!

Well played to the opposition on this occasion.

A defeat, but no shame.
Plenty of positives to take from the game.
We'll bounce back next week and get our season up and running.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 1 - 4 Sandal Wanderers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dan Tate  
2 Stuart Astall  
3 Neil Bennington  
4 Josh Wheater   sub
5 A.N. Other   ben claiden
6 Scot Gamble  
7 James Haworth  
8 Daniel Jamieson  
9 Bryan Kidd  
10 Matthew Lambert   sub
11 Thomas Mcloughlin   sub
12 Chris O'Reilly   1
13 Ashton Rowe  
14 Kalveer Singh