Match Report

Match Report - 10 Oct 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds beat St. Bedes OB III (Hodgson Cup 1st Rnd)

In games like this, when the stakes are high, but the opposition are palpably inferior in every department, a good manager comes into his own, impressing upon the team the importance of maintaining good habits, not dropping to the level of the opposition and getting the game won in the first half hour before the other team realise they might actually be in with a shout. By half time we were actually below their level, had forgone all good habits and the game remained in the balance. Fortunately we did improve after the interval, fired up by fine performances from both substitutes and 2 goals from Horrigan and Doherty sealed a place in the second round.

The referee managed to get 85% of decisions wrong, yet was probably one of the nicest men I have ever met. Can nice people make good referees-discuss.

MOM-Carl Horrigan (blazed a trail for Beckham by demonstrating you don't have to start a game, to be the best player in the game).

Onto the press conference

"That's 3 games on the trot now where I have walked onto the pitch, and not been immemdiately told to leave by the referee-things are looking up" (Robbie Wood)
"I just hope the manager doesn't now think goalie is my best position-ha ha" (Matty 'stand in goalie' Lewis
" I think that was Matty Lewis's best game of the season by far-we learnt a lot about that lad today" (Mullin manager)

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 3 - 0 St. Bedes OB III (Hodgson Cup 1st Rnd) ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matty Lewis  
2 Sam Young  
3 Wayne Fitch  
4 Ian Vinall  
5 Tony Mullin  
6 George Wainwright  
7 A.N. Other   1 adam
8 Chris Roy  
9 Robbie Wood  
10 Baz Arjomand  
11 Sean Doherty   1
12 Carl Horigan   1 60 mins for George W
13 Steve Watson   70 mins for Baz
14 Ian Vinall