Match Report

Match Report - 07 Nov 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds beat Sandal Wanderers

We hammered 'em, 3-2. All in all it was strange outcome. Having spent all week devising ways and means of somehow beating the 'best team in the league' I think myself and a few others were left a tad deflated by a 3-2 win. We were absolutely dominant in the first half, the movement and interplay going forward, much of it orchestrated by the Williams brothers, was far too good for the league leaders. Only 1-0 at half time, we continued in the same vein after the interval and quickly scored 2 more. Just when we thought a repeat of the previous weeks 6-0 was looking likely, the referee (who rumour has it had a bet on Mods half time, draw full time) encouraged their midfielder to quickly take a free kick, whilst the excellent Sam was lining up his wall, which he duly did and scored. Cheers Ref.

Luckily we had quality on the bench and on 65 mins the first team skipper Pouncett was brought on to 'shore things up'. Two minutes later it was 3-2. Their hitherto subdued star midfielder burst through the centre of the Mods defence like, well like a half decent player still with his own teeth going past a 48 year old has been, and crossed for the referee to make it 3-2. Just when the team seemed about to self implode, and the Mods attempt to 'do a Milan' was about to reach its terrible denouement, up stepped George Bacon. With a deafening cry of "don't effin' panic" he then proceeded to give 5 free kicks away in incredibly dangerous areas, whilst the referee rubbed his hands, stroked his betting slip and waited for George to give away the seemingly inevitable penalty.

Instead, we bought George 2 on, the ship was steadied and the game was won.

MOM Sam Young-Impeccable performance.

Emotions continued to run high in the post match press conference---

"Ok we should have been murdered, but we hung on in there, got a goal from nowhere and, oh no nearly, pulled off one of the great comebacks (the ref)

"We look at all matches where there is evidence of 'unusual betting patterns', including this one" (spokesman from William Hills)

"I am in enough trouble already with referees this season, so I don't want to say anything. However, I did think it was a teeny, weeny, tweeny bit suspicious when we scored our first goal and their captain turned to the ref and blamed him for "not picking up his man". (Mullin manager)

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 3 - 2 Sandal Wanderers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Robbie Wood   1
3 George Bacon  
4 Peter Clark  
5 Matty Lewis  
6 Chris Roy  
7 Jamie Duffy   2
8 Jake Williams  
9 Tony Mullin  
10 Josh Williams  
11 Sam Young  
12 George Wainwright   75 mins for Matty 'how long is this fickin' game going on for for?" Lewis
13 Alex Pouncett   65 mins for Pete Clarke
14 Wayne Fitch   60 mins for Chris Roy