Match Report

Match Report - 30 Jan 2010, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds drew with Huddersfield Amateur Reserves

Saturday brought an army of mods heroes in convoy for their battle over the hills and away to huddersfield amateurs.....

The morning didnt get off to the best of starts, with a 1.10pm meet at macdonalds in birstall ending up nobody meeting there due to various lateness', with only Ben Mally working his way through that poundsaver menu, and somehow being forgotten, maybe at the point of the purchase of new boots to help crave every advantage on the pitch.

so, a sharp change, team announced, and a quick warm up to mentally prepare for the game. Then disaster struck...... was it an injury-no....was it a kit problem-no...was it a mean opposition-no... it was Aidy shaduwa losing his headband pre-match!!!!

Would this effect the hippee's game, i suggest not, as the new 4-5-1 formation worked a treat thanks to gaffa Hicks decision to leave Rob 'Rooney' Wright on his lonesome up front!

The 3-man partnership of Bowman, Shaduwa and Williams creating many dynamics and dangerous play throughout the game amongst the middle of the park.

Aki on the left and Breider on the right straight from the off had amateurs in all sorts of tangles, as they failed to deal with the pace and skill of the flankers!

Huddersfield were attempting to pass the game around, and started very well, but the rocks at the back (Mally,Woody,Willis n Shirley) had only 1 thing on their minds! A battling 1st half created a few half chances, but the heavy pitch saw the mods come in half time with heads up high and a scoreless 1st half....( Even Shirley had 2 shots...not so much on target!)

A tiring heavy pitch and true mods grit created openings, with Featherstone the quiter of the 2 keepers.

Then the chance opened up, with a free-kick outside the box, with one man grabbing hold of the ball, a moment a captain needed to inspire his troops...stepup mr Ben Bowman, curling it over the wall and into the bottom left keeper in the world!!

1-0 mods, and the bench erupted, and Campbell,Stenger and Harman chase to celebrate (Even the man walking his dog joined in as he knew the better side had their hard-fought goal and deserved 1-0 lead!

A counter-attack 5 mins to go saw an unfortunate mistake see mods falling over the ball, and giving away another silly free-kick, as amateurs capitalised and got their equaliser.


Not to roll over, we pounced and pushed right to the final whistle. It seemed liked 2 points lost based on the whole teams efforts, but now we must use this to kick-start the season once again and get the 3 points bagged up going forward.

Well done lads, keep the squads spirit high, and we will of course 'never stop beleivin'!!!!'

Matty C

Huddersfield Amateur Reserves 1 - 1 Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Stewart Featherstone  
2 Andrew Atkins  
3 Ben Bowman  Ben Bowman Yellow card 1
4 Tom Breider  
5 Matty Campbell  
6 Norrie Harman  
7 Ben Mallinson  
8 Adie Shaduwa  
9 Andy Shirley  
10 Byron Wilkinson  
11 Josh Williams  
12 Dave Willis  
13 Paul Worsnop  
14 Rob Wright  
15 Tommy Stenger