Match Report

Match Report - 13 Feb 2010, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds beat Shadwell III (Hodgson Cup Quarter Final)

A very good performance, and a well deserved win. Ex Leeds star Clive had his chances in a nervy first 20 minutes, didn't take them and their creaking back 4 could not live with our forwards and midfield runners. All in all a good reaction to the previous weeks debacle.

Horrigan's pace in particular was constant threat, Sean Doherty continued his excellent form and Richard Marsh, the white (right footed) Ashley Cole, was outstanding on the right flank. Pete Clarke marked his last game with a fine headed goal before jetting off to chew the fat with turtles in war torn, famine hit Grenada.

Not much more to say, apart from a massive thanks to Matty Lewis who agreed to forego his 60 minutes on the left wing to cover for Sam, detained at her Majesty's pleasure after an altercation with a Headingley taxi (them taxis, always looking for trouble). And heartfelt thanks to Pete Clarke, for his consistently fantastic performances in Centre midfield this season. Lets do it for Pete.

MOM Richard Marsh

After match press conference----

"That was probably the hardest match of my erstwhile illustrious career, that Bacon, he sure some player" (Clive Winyard)
"It felt kind of strange, being on the field for the last half hour"(Matty 'emergency keeper' Lewis
" That's the tricky one out of the way, surely the next 'game' should be a piece of cake, i.e. convincing our members that spending £30,000 on a new roof when people are queuing up to do it for half that price is probably not a great idea" (Mullin manager)

Shadwell III (Hodgson Cup Quarter Final) 0 - 4 Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matty Lewis  
2 Richard March  
3 Chris Roy  
4 Peter Clark   1
5 Tony Mullin  
6 George Bacon  
7 Sean Doherty   1
8 Rich Ewen  
9 Carl Horigan   2
10 Jake Williams  
11 Robbie Wood  
12 Wayne Fitch   for Robbie Wood (60 mins)
13 Sam Young   for Sean Doherty (70 mins)
14 A.N. Other