Match Report

Match Report - 09 Oct 2010, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds lost to Leeds Medics III (Hodgson Cup Round 1)

I'm catching up a bit on reports, so brevity is required. A fantastic performance for 70 minutes where we dominated a team 2 divisions higher, thanks to a string of impressive performances, not least from the midfield 3 of Clarke, Frazer and Leadbetter who simply would not allow Medics into the game. A 2-0 lead was confirmed with yet another goal from Ian Vinall, his second in so many decades.

Unfortunately a combination of tired legs, a misguided decision on the part of Mullin manager to reshape the defence, and a refusal from Medics to throw in the towel led to 3 goals being conceded in the last 10 minutes and departure from the cup.

MOM Ryan Leadbetter

After match press conference

"Not sure that really worked" Mullin manager muses over the decision to move Danny 'the rock' Claxton from Centre half to left back for the last 10 minutes
"They say managers don't win games, but they can lose them, how right they are" Richard 'bemused' March
" I worked my socks off, but only had one clear sight of goal, if I'd just had 9 more gilt edged opportunities, I am sure I would have stuck one away" Adam Binns

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 2 - 3 Leeds Medics III (Hodgson Cup Round 1) ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Richard March  
3 Chris Roy  
4 Ryan Leadbeater  
5 Ian Vinall   1
6 Danny Claxton  
7 Jodie Lazenby  
8 Peter Clark  
9 Adam Binns  
10 Joe Fraser   1
11 Matty Lewis  
12 Ashton Rowe  
13 James Douglas  
14 Tony Mullin