Match Report

Match Report - 13 Nov 2010, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds drew with Grangefield OB Reserves

1-1 before the game would have looked like 2 points lost, but at 1-0 down with 4 minutes to go and looking down the barrel of back to back defeats, it was perhaps a point gained. Playing up hill, against a strong wind, on a treacherous surface was never going to be easy, particularly when the opposition belied their lowly league position with 45 minutes of fierce commitment, and skillful endeavour. The game plan swiftly switched from looking to dominate from 'the off' to getting through to half time at 0-0 and going from there. Which we achieved, with some admirable hard work and commitment of our own.

The second part of the plan was unfortunately undermined 5 minutes into the second half by Jodie deciding, perhaps on the not unreasonable basis that the referee, as he had got just about every decision wrong, would not penalise a blatant push on their forward in our box. Unfortunately we ended up on the receiving end of one of the very few decisions that the (and I rarely criticise referees on the basis they are invariably doing a very tough job to the best of their ability, however limited that maybe) maverick, self indulgent, barely sane 'its all about me' fool of a referee got right all afternoon.

Grangefield defended their slender lead with relish and gusto, although as the 39 minute half (he can't even tell the bloody time!) wore on, we got closer and closer. Finally, with minutes remaining that pressure told and Tony 'goals' Mullin bagged an equaliser that our increasingly concerted pressure warranted. On balance, a decent performance in very trying conditions.

The after match press conference was, somewhat controversially, infiltrated by the village idiot still masquerading as a referee---

"If anyone says another word, I'll book you" (the referee, after following us, post match, over to the side of the pitch)

"The games over, you've blown up 10 minutes early, I assume you must be in a rush, so why don't you just eff off back to the weird and wacko land that I guess you must come from and leave us sane folk alone" (what I wish I'd said)

"I'm not normally one for statistics, but me and Mullin have now scored 20% of our goals--we just can't keep on carrying this team" Ian Vinall says what many must be thinking.

Grangefield OB Reserves 1 - 1 Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Ryan Kerr  
3 Ian Vinall  
4 Joe Fraser  
5 Tony Mullin   1 AGAIN !!!!
6 Peter Clark  
7 Simon Blake  
8 Jodie Lazenby  
9 Ryan Leadbeater  
10 Matty Lewis  
11 Liam Dixon  
12 James Douglas  
13 Dave Willis   80 mins for Ryan Kerr
14 Joe Clapham   45 very impressive debut minutes