Match Report

Match Report - 20 Nov 2010, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds drew with Ealandians Reserves

Given that this was the last game played before the longest mid season break since the second world war kicked in, recollections are a tad hazy. Add to this the fact that I wasn't even there, and the haze intensifies.

So, rather than try and recall what was going on, and just to get a real perspective on how long it is since we actually played, this is what has happened, or might have happened, since we last played (one on the following list is is a spoof, a prize for any correct answer);

-The chairman has found love, and its not Mick Birch
-Petrol, train fares and many basic foodstuffs have trebled in price
-Nick Clegg has gone from 'all right guy' to being burned in effigy
-Father christmas has been, and gone
-John Ramsden has been on 4 'mini breaks'
-Chris Roy has actually got younger
-Sam Young has grown 3 inches
-47 managers have been sacked
-Seven people have visited the club, 4 of whom were Ray
-Richard Hoole's long awaited come back has been hampered by 'complications'
-The whispers about the 'underperforming third team' have grown into a (relative) crescendo
-England have won the ashes, and lost the world cup
-Eric Pickles has put on 3 stone, all on his neck
-Ian Vinall has not been seen (there might be a good reason for this)
-A VAT increase has been brought in, in a desperate and hopeless attempt to bring UK prices into line with those charged at the Mods clubhouse
-Man Utd fans have grown even more obnoxious
-Sarah Palin has, 'thank the lord', got what she so richly deserved
-The world has got even shitter
-The reserves have lost a football match

Bring On Colton.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 3 - 3 Ealandians Reserves ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Dave Willis  
3 Adam Binns   1
4 Joe Fraser   1
5 Ryan Kerr  
6 Peter Clark  
7 Tim Hill   1
8 Joe Clapham  
9 Ryan Leadbeater  
10 Daniel Jamieson  
11 Liam Dixon  
12 James Douglas  
13 Ian Vinall  
14 Chris Roy