Match Report

Match Report - 22 Jan 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds lost to Grangefield OB Reserves

Definitely caught on the back foot here, or in Jodie's case the leg, arm, neck and head. We came expecting a normal match, oblivious to the fact Grangefield had been charged with the job of trialling a new range of studs, to ascertain whether or not they could withstand the impact of delivering at least 5 (each player) two footed jump tackles at the end of a full blooded 50 yard run and launched from an angle of between 45 and 90 degrees into the leg of the opposition player. To make matters worse, it later transpired the referee was also 'in on it' hence only started cautioning players when they had exceeded said limit of 5 potentially leg breaking tackles. Nice.

Maybe that doesn't excuse losing a two goal lead, or making three horrendous defensive howlers in the process, but it sure comes close.

On the footballing front Viners, Flash, Ryan Kerr and Stu Astall stood out as somehow carving out very decent performances amongst the carnage (a debacle it has to be said aided and abetted by limp, lilly livered refereeing of the lowest order). However, a special mention must go to Jodie Leadbetter, who stood tall in the face of a barrage of mindless, relentless and utterly unwarranted physical and verbal abuse from a number of the opposition, including their brain dead ex con of a manager.

Three precious points lost, but at least when we woke up the next morning, we were still us, and they were still them.

MOM Jodie Leadbeater

Another surprise was in store, when Richard Keys turned up to to host the after match press conference;

"Well Jodie, your team has lost a crucial game, your black and blue having suffered a series of unprovoked assaults from half their team, but I'll bet you'll be hanging out of the back of some hapless strumpet before the nights out, eh, eh?"

"You might not have scored today Dougie, but my money is on you 'smashing' one in the corner later tonight, eh, eh?"

"Cheer up lads, you've lost a very important game, you've thrown away a 2 goal lead, you may never now make up the ground on the front runners---but just spare a thought for those people who are going to get to end to this week with their reputation in complete tatters, their career utterly finished and their ability to hold their head up in polite, non misogynist or even semi-reasonable company gone forever--it could be so much worse.

What on earth was he talking about?

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 3 - 4 Grangefield OB Reserves ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Dave Willis  
3 Tony Mullin  
4 Joe Fraser  
5 Ian Vinall  
6 Daniel Jamieson  
7 Stuart Astall   2
8 Jodie Lazenby  
9 Ryan Leadbeater  
10 James Douglas  
11 Simon Blake  
12 Ryan Kerr   45 mins for Daniel Jamieson
13 Peter Clark   45 mins for Dave Willis
14 Melu Sikazwe   1 70 mins for Jodie Leadbetter