Match Report

Match Report - 29 Jan 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds beat Old Batelians Reserves

A real humdinger of a match. A truly dreadful side, playing a team playing truly dreadfully, and refereed by a random whistler masquerading as a referee. Regular readers of this column (are there any?) will know I am usually loathe to criticise an official, doing a thankless job blah blah, but when his response to giving a ludicrous penalty to the opposition that no-one had even appealed for, is "well, you got one in the first half, it just evens things up" you make an exception.

As for the game, perhaps the only things that will remain in the memory

-Opposition players pleading with the referee (successfully) to keep Ian Vinall on after he chopped down possibly the least dangerous forward in the league on the edge of the box
-Jodie Leadbeater playing in every position on the pitch, apart from his own
-Adam Binns making fools of all those doubters who said he needed 5 chances to score a goal, by failing to score from 9 highly presentable opportunities

After the match, the relief was audible in the press conference--

"Its a difficult place to come (particularly when Ian Vinall is driving there via Saddleworth moor) and not many teams will come here and walk away with 3 points, well certainly no more than 12" (Mullin Manager)

"I must have misheard, the boss apparently said your playing right side of midfield, and I thought he said, play where you like, it doesn't really matter, we'll all take our positions off you" (Jodie 'hard of hearing' Leadbeater)

"Sometimes you prepare meticulously, and give it your best shot, but the oppostion are just too quick and skilful, and you have to hold your hands up. Other times you think maybe 15 pints of Guiness on a Friday is actually rather a lot, and might just have been a contributory factor in managing to get the wrong side of a corpse" (Guess who)

Old Batelians Reserves 2 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matty Lewis  
2 Simon Blake   1
3 Chris Roy  
4 Joe Fraser  
5 Ian Vinall  
6 Adam Binns  
7 Stuart Astall   1
8 Jodie Lazenby  
9 Ryan Leadbeater  
10 James Douglas   1
11 Ryan Kerr  
12 Tony Mullin   65 mins for Stu Astall
13 Daniel Jamieson   60 mins for Jodie
14 Chris Roy