Match Report

Match Report - 24 Sep 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Old Collegians Reserves

So much for the old adage there are no easy games in the 4th division of the YOBL. I have thought long and hard about it, but I still can't think of a way whereby we could have lost this game, and we didn't.

Enough said.

MOM Ian Vinall

After the match, feelings ran low

"There's not many teams that will play Collegians and utterly outplay them in every department of the game, from start to finish. Apart that is, er, from every other team in the league (Mullin manager)

"I can't believe I stayed (relatively) sober for this!" Ian Vinall lamenting ther fact he said no to his 14th pint of Guiness on Friday night because he had a tough match the next day.

"That third team must be a bloody good side" (Andy 'still in the 4ths' Thorpe.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 5 - 0 Old Collegians Reserves ()

Name Goals Details
1 Damian Dawtry  
2 Josh Wheater  
3 Tony Mullin  
4 Tim Hill   1
5 Melu Sikazwe  
6 Joe Clapham   1
7 Scot Gamble  
8 Josh Smith  
9 Andy Thorpe   1
10 Thomas Mcloughlin  
11 matt Flint   2
12 Dave Willis  
13 Ian Vinall  
14 Joe Fraser