Match Report

Match Report - 01 Oct 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club Mods U15s beat Old Thornesians IV

Old Modernians V 2 Old Thornesians IV 0
(HT 0-0)
Scorer’s Mods Andy Morris 72, Jamie Phelan (Tank) 80.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive. The name of Tank is on the score sheet for the second week in a row.
Impresario Tank, whose antics last Saturday of Tigger with a bound, hop and loop, proved to be worth every penny of the admission price, continued this rich vein of form and instincts for grasping the zeitgeist and impresario Tank produced Catwoman, outfit and all.
After sitting on the bench, basking in the glorious sunshine, sipping milk, CatTank came into the fray on 70 minutes and after 10 minutes of sneaking, sniffing and searching for weakness in her prey, the Cat pounced and swat, with the outside of her paw, a quite magnificent finish.
Sneaking in between the two Thornes centre backs, latching onto a lofted through ball, Cat’Tank’Woman, with a Bergkamp like flick of the outside of the boot, chipped the on rushing keeper from 16 yards out on the left hand edge of the box and as the ball soared toward the top corner, we all stopped and gasped as the ball nestled quite beautifully into the back of the net.
A truly great finish and goal from Tank.
Well done mate.

Andy Morris scored the other goal (third game in a row), a pearler (again) from 25 yards out. The keeper, any keeper for that matter, had no chance.

The rest of the game saw both teams struggle both with the heat and with the condition of the concrete surface of Bedquilt’s. The ball a hot potato to which no-one could, seemingly, keep at their feet for more than 3 seconds.
It was clear that the team who would dig in, keep battling, keep their shape, and when chances came, take them, was going to win.
We did just that.
With Baconbaeur and the Prof at the heart of defence, organising the back line, we had that solid foundation to our side to which we lacked in last week’s game and this gave the rest of the team confidence and belief that we would prevail.

The game was all about desire and commitment.

No-one personified this more than Blimey O’Reilly. In the soaring heat, from the off, when we didn’t have the ball, Blimey chased, harried and tackled their entire back line and when we did have the ball, he ran the channels, made himself available and always looked to provide that edge to which would give the team an opportunity to make the breakthough.

On this occasion it didn’t happen for Blimey. However, his performance created the platform for the team to get the goals and win the game.

Another performance of note was that of young Josh Leadbetter. Starting his first game in open age footy, at the age of 16, Josh slotting in at right back, showed he has the ability, desire and skill to be a fine football player.
With Baconbaeur and Pete as Josh’s defensive partner’s and myself at right midfield chipping in, we all ensured that we did step up this week and do what we need to do. Be strong, lead and help the young player’s like Josh and with their youth, raw desire and extra snap of pace, together we will become a team that will win football matches.
Josh’s first full game: A 2-0 victory and part of a defence with a clean sheet. Happy days. Well played Josh.

Overall, it felt good to get our first win of the season, a just reward for the effort we all put in.

Speaking of Just, Phil Howden was talking about his carrer in football after last week's game, to which a cry of 'What career?' came.
Phil's football career can be summed up in a sentence. A sentence for crimes against football.
40 years ago, when Phil was 42 going on 8 years old, Phil, had a chance to pass a football in a straight line and if he hit the garage door 5 metres in front, he would be let off for his crimes against football. As it was, the pass Phil made, as you can all imagine, went to where only Phil knows (it went sky high and never came down)and as a consequence so left from his right boot the last chance Phil (and the rest of us) had for avoiding a life long sentence (a sentence of service to football) for his continual persistent, dogged determination to perpetrate crimes against football.
In this sentence was a caveat, after 40 years Phil would be up for parol.
After last week's game it was mentioned that Phil's hearing for his parol may come any day, and Phil would be relieved from his sentence of crimes against football and not forced to play anymore. Unfortunately, the letter did not come through the post, and Phil was forced to play another game.
Bugger. To top it off, Phil had a fine solid game.
More solid games like Phil had on Saturday and we may all have to endure the fact that Phil may just have another season to run on his sentence for crimes against football.

Next week for ModsV is a return match against last week’s opponents East Ardsley.
Odd that this fixture is so soon, however, it presents a great opportunity to put the defeat (and more importantly, the performance) to rest and, all being well, two wins in a row will be on the cards.

M.O.M. Blimey O’Reilly. 8/10.

And just for you Andy…..Andy Morris 7.2/10

Leeds Modernians Football Club Mods U15s 2 - 0 Old Thornesians IV ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Josh Leadbeater  
3 Phil Howden  
4 Peter Harris  
5 Pete Jimack  
6 George Bacon  
7 Neil Bennington  
8 Andrew Morris   1
9 Tim Leslie  
10 Chris O'Reilly   m.o.m.
11 Matty Proctor  
12 Jamie Phelan   1 replaced Tim L 70mins
13 Bryan Kidd   replaced Matty P 60mins
14 Oliver Lines   replaced Blimey 77mins
15 A.N. Other