Match Report

Match Report - 08 Oct 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Shadwell

A fine performance, and a win that was a lot more convincing than the scoreline suggests, against a team that will be definitely be challenging for promotion. Exceptional performances from Danny 'just stepped off the plane from Cuba and still full of rum and cigars' Bradford , Joe 'if I stop running I'll fall over' Clapham and 'hot' Toddy. Joe Fraser showed why it was worth Mullin manager making a 40 mile round trip detour to pick him up from the furthest point on the outer ring road from Cookridge, whilst Ian Vinall once again demonstrated that sober 40 year olds play a lot better than drunk 40 year olds (although to be fair, that was something that most sports physiologists, and team mates, have been saying for some time).

2-0 at half time was no less than we deserved for a 45 minute performance when we dominated a good team in all parts of the pitch. A third goal just past the hour should have been the prelude to a thumping win, until it suddenly dawned on Dave 'keeper, oops, sorry' Willis that if he wasn't to spend the rest of the season 'helping out' in goal he needed to make an horrendous howler (point taken Dave).

Althought they grabbed a second with a minute or so to go, the result was never really in doubt.

MOM, again, Joe Clapham, with Dan 'the man' very close behind.

In the after match press conference

"We needed that, the club has spent a lot of money in the last year or so(although most of this was on a fence and Ian Vinall's 12 step programme) and they are right to expect some kind of return" Mullin manager looks forward to another 7 days in the job

"I was pleasantly surprised, the last time I played for one of Mullin's teams 8 of our team kicked off at 2.30, the rest about 10 minutes later" Danny Clemence extols the virtues of starting with 11.

"Any chance of a lift back--lads, lads" Joe Fraser empties the press room in seconds

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 3 - 2 Shadwell ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Willis  
2 Tony Mullin  
3 Ian Vinall  
4 Joe Fraser  
5 Melu Sikazwe  
6 Dan Bradford  
7 Joe Clapham   2
8 Josh Smith   1
9 Andy Thorpe  
10 matt Flint  
11 Danny Todd  
12 Josh Wheater   70 mins for Toddy
13 A.N. Other  
14 A.N. Other