Match Report

Match Report - 29 Oct 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Sandal Athletic Reserves

In some ways our best performance of the season. It was absolutely clear to me they were massively up for it when I noticed that not only was ex mod Peaksy in their 2nd team, he had turned up before kick off.

Faced with a resolute Sandal, stringing 5 across midfield and defending like a proper defence (unusual for this league) we created numerous half chances, openings and one or 2 great opportunities, but couldn't find the goal. Whilst Sandal too has a couple of decent chances, the attempts on goal must have been something like 20 odd 2 as we approached the last 20 mins, still 0-0. Then Matty Proctor, promoted from the 5ths, came on and after 10 minutes found a sumptious finish from the edge of the box to heroically bag all 3 points for the team.

What was particularly pleasing was the way we never panicked, chipped away, steadily turned up the pressure and the goal eventually came. All in all, a highly satisfying win, and a very accomplished performance.

MOM Matty Procter, who else.

In the after match press conference

"When games are as tight as that, and you've almost given up hope of ever scoring, people look to the manager for a bit of tactical genuius. He didn't let us down" (Mullin manager)

"I really enjoyed it. A 2 hour round trip to Wakefield, a 5 minute warm up and then I suddenly remembered why I had initially made myself unavailable, I was actually quite badly injured" Melou (withdrawn before ko) reflects on a day spent running the line.

"I don't always play my best, but I always hurt someone" Josh 'the enforcer' Smith reflects on yet another scalp, and proves he was not defintely not brought up in the Mods (charm) school for nice footballers.

Sandal Athletic Reserves 0 - 1 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Tony Mullin  
3 Ben Canning  
4 Josh Smith  
5 Scot Gamble  
6 Ian Vinall  
7 Danny Todd  
8 Dave Willis  
9 Joe Clapham  
10 matt Flint  
11 Andy Thorpe  
12 Matty Proctor   1 70 mins for Andy Thorpe
13 Melu Sikazwe   Injured, still
14 A.N. Other