Match Report

Match Report - 12 Nov 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds beat North East Leeds (Marflitt Trophy Round 2)

A superb win for Mods today against NE Leeds.

Mods began the game brightly and it was clear that they were in the mood for a top performance. This was to set the tone for the match, with the opposition harried, passes hit with purpose, tackles won, and communication ever-present.

Mods started with the same back-four as the previous game v Sandal and was settled and worked for the full 90 as a solid unit. The only gaps that appeared were when mellor and Wilkinson were supporting attacks, but they were quickly shored up by Bergan and Mallinson sliding across.

The midfield quartet of Shaduwa, Clemence, Leadbeater and March was once again superb, with Leadbeater adding quality with the ball to his ariel dominance (I don't think he lost a header in the whole game). Clemence, now back from his globe-trotting antics, played his best football of the season, and Shaduwa and March duly gave the width to support the two central players.

Added to this was the cutting edge up front of Matthews and Wilson, who like Clemence is now nearing full match fitness.

1-0 Matthews: Side-foot finish from inside the box
2-0 Mallinson: in off his nose from a corner
3-0 Shaduwa: Side foot finish from inside the box
4-0 March: Great work from Leadbeater to put it on a plate for March
5-0 Clemence: Superb near post finish, keeper with no chance
6-0 Matthews: Left foot rocket, top corner

The game could have tken a different path had NE Leeds converted their penalty after 20 mins. However, Mods made them pay the price with a much more agressive display than in previous weeks. With the introduction of Stenger and Astall Mods showed a strength in depth that NE Leeds could not match.

Mods will take all the positives from this game as the standard for future games has been set.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds 6 - 0 North East Leeds (Marflitt Trophy Round 2) ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matty Lewis  
2 Steve Wilkinson  
3 Damien Mellor  
4 Ben Mallinson   1
5 David Bergan  
6 Ryan Leadbeater  
7 Richard March   1
8 Danny Clemence   1
9 Jonny Wilson  
10 Adam Matthews   2
11 Adie Shaduwa   1
12 Tommy Stenger  
13 Stuart Astall  
14 Brendan Gilligan