Match Report

Match Report - 12 Nov 2011, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 lost to St. Bedes OB III

We lost 8-1.
The following is not a laugh a minute.

After the previous week's fantastic team performance (it truly was an amazing effort from everyone), especially by all members' defensive performance and duties, this was a game we all felt confident in gaining a victory.
St Bede's are a well organised team. They rarely concede more than 3 goals, but also they rarely score more than 3 goals in a game, so we went into the game knowing full well that so long as we remained solid, each player gave all their effort, did not dwell on mistakes, made ammends for other team player's mistakes, covered their team mates when the occasion required and then when in possesion ensured that each player did what their position required and give each other the confidence to take the chance that came an individual's way, then a hard earned victory was there for the taking.

A minor set back to the shape of the team was the fact that an outfield player had to go in nets. On this occasion it was me (Benno).
I'm not a keeper by any stretch of the imagination, however, so long as the team ensure that safety is first in the final third, then as a consequence the opposition will be forced into shots from the edge of the area and I'll ensure i do my bit to try and save them.

For the first 20 minutes there was only one winner in this game. That was ModsV.
We passed the ball well, supported each other in attack and cleared our lines early and effectively in defence.
Then A lapse of concentration in defence from a ball over the top, i thought i could make the ball before their striker and whack the ball away into touch.
The ball, as it bounced went backward and held up, and their striker (with BK trying his best to put off) had a simple chance to lob me. He did. 1-0.
OK, a mistake. No big deal, we can bounce back from this.
Within 5 minutes, an overlap down their left wing, left Josh and Phil in no man's land and the defence as a consequence lop sided, their player in the left wing position had an age to pick out a pass, he did and their on rushing player from their right slotted home. 2-0.
A couple of more attacks by St Bede's were dealt with (George a great tackle and I saved one).
We got our attacking game in action again and some good movement and passing from John Walker, BK, Andy, Tim, Josh and Oli (with support from Howie, Scot, Phil and George when the occasion merited)lead to a few efforts on their goal.
A tad unlucky that none of these efforts were converted, but non the less, we were creating.

But, once again they crossed the ball and slotted in from close range.
4-0 was a tad unlucky as it was a shot that somehow squirmed its way under two Mods players and i was left unsighted, the ball apologising as it walked into the net.
No berating at each other for in attack and possesion we were playing well. Get a goal, no silly mistakes, defend as a team, and the second goal will come and then .....who knows?
A cross from their left, headed in by their striker 6 yards out.
That'll be their 10th chance and 5th goal. All superb finishes that any defence at a much higher level would find difficult to cope with. Quite incredible really at our level, but then if you don't stop the ball being crossed from the by line and give their player's time to pick out a pass and player's have time to break into the box at pace, then it is going to be difficult to not concede.

In between we, again, played well in attack: Blimey adding a new impetus and strength (after replacing Oli, who played well)in attack.
Again, not alot of luck with shots on goal. A mixture of composure, a great last ditch tackle, block with the back of the head in front of goal, the cross bar (twice) kept the ball out of their net.
Then a handball from a John Walker cross in their penalty area and Andy drilled in the penalty.
OK. Pride time. Let's get to a respectable score line and count ourselves a bit unlucky (5 goals, 3 of which were all high quality, from about 12 efforts by them)and stick together.
6-1. A cross from their left, and even though John W tracked their player (Howie, and Scot again were occupied in the middle, with George sweeping right, the defence as a consequence lopsided) their player met the ball first and slotted in from close range.
Maybe i could have stopped a few of the crosses from getting in the box, maybe, but, they shouldn't be allowed time and space the way we gave them. It was claimed that there movement and pace was too much. St Bede's are not that good.
We were awful at defending.
7-1 was a penalty. I was wrong footed and looked like an outfield player in goal.
8-1 was in the last minute. Again, after some good defending and saves, their striker had a potshot that hit a defender's leg, popped up higher than i thought, i got an hand to it, but still went in, which only meant that it looked like a great finish and hit the top corner of the goal (6inches either way, and it was wide following a great block and save combo).
FT: 8-1.

Dear me....a tad embarassing to say the least.
Yeah, ok, they took 6 out of about 15 chances with great effect and to some degree, i gave a chance away and they had a penalty, so, in some ways, it's a case of 'it was one of them games'.

It never felt like an 8-1 game, but our defending (mainly from tracking player's and getting goal side) was poor at key times and the confidence they obvioulsy gained from their goals ensured that chances we had they did get goal side, did cover one another, did make that block, did force an extra touch or early shot.

Just as we did the week before to such great effect.

The following is a bit embarassing really, but i suppose what else could Gary do?
I was awarded man of the match, even though i conceded 8.
Having said that I did save about 3 one on one efforts and a few shots, so it could have been alot worse.
Hmm...Yes, actually, sod it, good decision Gary!

Next week..let's work as a team again and each of us put a shift in with your defensive duties again Boys, please.
In fact no, this is not a polite request....Demand it from your team mates, each of us. I am.
As Howie exasperated (after a one on one, or last ditch tackle, i can't remember which) that thankfully didn't result in a goal,"Come on lads, what's the point in turning up, if we don't work hard at defending?"
as the old adage goes 'attack as a team, defend as a team'.

St. Bedes OB III 8 - 1 Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 ()

Name Goals Details
1 Neil Bennington   m.o.m.
2 Phil Howden  
3 James Haworth  
4 Bryan Kidd   withdrawn 65mins
5 George Bacon  
6 Scot Gamble  
7 Josh Wheater  
8 Andrew Morris   1
9 Oliver Lines   withdrawn 55mins
10 Tim Leslie  
11 John Walker  
12 Pete Jimack   on 65mins
13 Chris O'Reilly   on 55 mins
14 Gary Lovelace   not used
15 A.N. Other   tank no show