Match Report

Match Report - 21 Jan 2012, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 drew with Old Thornesians III

Windy again at Bedquilt's.
First 20 minutes was tough going:
The ref had a few things he needed to check before we could begin the game.
We had to dress, undress, have our blood pressure checked, clean our nails, brush our teeth and hop on the spot 10 times whilst waiting for the great big monkey in the sky to pop by and say hello. The one thing he didn't do, but was needed the most, was have his head checked.
However, no harm done (the monkey in the sky was not harmed) and eventually the ref was o.k. for the game to go ahead. Thornes won the toss and decided to play with the gale force wind behind them.
We restricted them to only 1 goal when the wind was at its strongest. A disappointing goal to concede, given the way it happened (a mix up), however we became the stronger team as the half developed and in the last 10 minutes we were the better team, at times creating space for one another with precise pass and move football in difficult conditions.
Thornes created the odd break away attacks, with the wind assisted long ball, but we kept our shape and tracked runners to prevent any further goals (one last ditch tackle/block in front of goal by Harry covering from left midfield was a massive moment in the game, so well done Harry there).

The second half continued as it had done for the last 10 minutes of the first.
Eventually we scored the deserved equaliser via the Wonder-kid that is Johnny Walker (has there ever been a more effective mid season signing?), storming through midfield and even though it looked for all the world that the chance may go begging as the ball seemed to be running away from Johnny, the wonder that is the kid Walker sneaked a shot at the last second under the on rushing Thornes keeper.
4 goals in 4 games for the wonder kid.

We created a few more chances and on another day headers from Baconbaeur, the Prof, Jessop from excellent corners by Tim and Harry would have sneaked in to bring home a deserved victory.
Throughout the game both teams defensive play was strong (Thorne's gave their man of the match award to their left back) ensuring blocks, tackles, headed clearances was the name of the game.
In the end a 1-1 draw.
Overall a fair result, as both teams did pretty well given the conditions.

Man of the match awarded to Howie. Another sound, effective and telling contribution at both right and left back. Well played.

Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 1 - 1 Old Thornesians III ()

Name Goals Details
1 Jamie Phelan  
2 James Haworth   m.o.m.
3 Phil Howden   off 70 mins
4 John Walker   1
5 George Bacon  
6 Pete Jimack   0ff 64mins
7 Neil Bennington  
8 Scot Gamble  
9 John Jessop  
10 Tim Leslie  
11 Peter Harris  
12 Andrew Morris   on 70 mins
13 Oliver Lines   on 64 mins
14 Gary Lovelace