Match Report

Match Report - 21 Apr 2012, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 lost to Colton Institute (Supp. Cup Group Match)

Mods last home game of the season.
After a laugh and a joke about our season, our age, our bodies, our (some of us anyway) lack of football skills, why was the prediction on YOBL of 1-7 include a goal to ourselves, our lives (the only question was 'where is the wooden spoon then?) and we got ourselves into the right coloured shirts, the game started.

Right from the start if felt that we were all back on it again.
Working hard, keeping shape, with Damo in goal barking out instructions, we all got into a'talkin again, and in Johnny up front we had a player to help give us all a breather for a few secs and gain a few yards and offer the team a chance of putting the opposition onto the back foot.

Withen 5 mins we went ahead. A good shot, but it has to be said, more like an own goal from the keeper really. Own goal Johnny! But, 1-0.

We kept on it. Colton showed glimpses of the 3 dividion difference, but both wingers were kept in check by howie and myself, we didn't allow them to make the defence turn and look static, pete and scot shackled their striker's well, with scot again the supreme sweeper that he is, the midfield, especially wheater who was superb all game, linking well with Pete and Johnny in attack, and any neutral onlooker would have been forgiven if they thought it was a game between two teams battling out at the end of the season for a reward of some nature such was the standard we played at.

It was going well.

A pressured five minutes culminated a Colton goal, in which they scored from a corner. A bullet of a header that flashed by everyone, hit the far post and went in.

No crumble in this game though. We struck back and scored twice before half time.
Pick of the goals was set up by Howie, whom from a corner picked up the ball in the right wing position, turned their player inside out, crossed and was well taken by Johnny.

3-1 Half time.

Clearly Colton were going to do something and come out onto the pitch in the 2nd half with a point to prove.
Colton pressed and earned a desrved equaliser, albeit even if it was from a goal that their striker could only dream of ever scoring before this freak finish (at our level): Colton's left winger got his only decent cross of the game in past myself or howie, i knicked the ball and it went inches in front of the centre backs, their striker lifted his leg whilst running, it hit his leg and the ball went up and over, like a bullet, Damo in goal and nestled to fine effect into the far corner. Their joy at the goal was evident that it was something a little out of the ordinary.

Our play continued to be effective, with Josh Wheater and Johnny the main threats, and looking like a 4th goal would be an eventuality.

As it was, a mis placed cross by Colton looped over everyone, went well over the goal line, only for their winger to hook it back before the ball bounced from behind the goal line, it landed in front of their on running striker who slotted the ball in from close range against a static, and somewhat bemused defence.
The ref, unbeleivably allowed the goal to stand.
3-3 with 20 mins to go.
A couple of fresh legs in Shane and Harry and both teams had chances to score the 4th, and all likelihood winning goal.
As it was, Colton scored again from a corner, a header, on the 90th minute.
With only stoppage time left, we ran out of time to mount a serious threat and earn ourselves a credited draw.

A sickener to lose, but all in all, in terms of our season and what we've played like and how (well, i speak for myself here) we've felt like jacking it in at times, a good game and lifted the team's spirits and proved that we're not as bad as all that.

Man of the match was Howie who opitimised this fighting spirit, and skill, from start to finish.

Well played lads and Mods.

Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 3 - 4 Colton Institute (Supp. Cup Group Match) ()

Name Goals Details
1 Damian Dawtry  
2 Neil Bennington  
3 James Haworth   mam of the match
4 Shane Mackenzie  
5 Pete Jimack  
6 Scot Gamble  
7 Josh Wheater   off 70
8 Andrew Morris   1
9 Pete Forster   0ff 60
10 John Walker   2
11 John Jessop  
12 Peter Harris   on 70 rm
13 Phil Howden   on 60 str
14 Gary Lovelace