Match Report

Match Report - 22 Sep 2012, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 drew with Old Batelians III

Last season was embarassing for all involved.
Not to be repeated.
So, first game back. A solid performance and points on the board.

First game of the season.
Almost a very good performance.
A couple of goals for.
A couple against.
Points on the board.
No daft mistakes made.
Concentration and commitment by all.
Lacked a little composure and confidence/fitness to express at key moments, but this performance will do wonders for the team.
Dominated the 2nd half and eventually scored an equaliser in 85th minute.
Last season the result of this game, without doubt, would have been a defeat.
Not this season.
All in all.. Effort: A- Attainment: B-

Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 2 - 2 Old Batelians III ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Neil Bennington   1
3 Pete Forster  
4 Scot Gamble  
5 Peter Harris  
6 Phil Howden  
7 John Jessop  
8 Pete Jimack  
9 Jamie Phelan  
10 John Walker  
11 Andrew Morris   1
12 Adam Binns  
13 Tony Deakin