Match Report

Match Report - 03 Nov 2012, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Beeston OB Res

A bad toss to lose. Sounds like clutching at proverbial straws, but if we'd won the toss, I think we might, just might, have given a very good team a game. As it was, they came at us down the hill, wind behind, sun in our eyes and overwhelmed us at times. Struggling to clear our lines, the pressure kept telling and they finished nearly all of their chances clinically.

5-0 down at half time, and the only game left in town was the blame game---

"I'd prepared meticulously, leaving nothing to chance. I'd spent most of the 3 nights before the bame analysing DVD's of the opposition, compiling dossiers on each one of their squad. I'd been onto the groundsman to prepare the right kind of pitch (i.e. one that wouldn't expose Byron's first touch), I'd kept Ian Vinall on the phone for three hours the night before with a 'pretend' phone call in an effort to stop him drinking, and I'd phoned through a bomb hoax to the airport to try and stop Phil Gilette going on holiday (boy could they not take a joke!). I even got to the ground within 15 minutes of the kick off. All, in vain. Let down by a bunch of chancers who had fatally started to believe the hype, apparently oblivious to the fact all our previous success was down purely to brilliant man management---------Mullin manager

"Don't think the three in midfield worked very well---"

"I was doing my job but----

"It all came down the other side----

"The system didn't work----

"I lost it in the sun----

"He lost his man----

"I never got any service----

"The referee was a joke----

"If Viners had won the toss----(or any of his tackles come to think of it)---

The golder rule of Mod, you can lose the game, but never, ever, lose the blame game.

MOM Daniel Jamieson

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 0 - 6 Beeston OB Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Tom Winyard  
2 Byron Wilkinson  
3 Thomas Bedford  
4 Daniel Jamieson  
5 Ian Vinall  
6 Tommy Stenger  
7 Ben Clapham  
8 James Douglas  
9 Michael Keeney  
10 Ben Wood  
11 Andy Thorpe  
12 Dave Willis  
13 A.N. Other  
14 Alex Monkhouse  
15 Tony Mullin