Match Report

Match Report - 01 Dec 2012, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 beat North Leeds Res

Bouncebackability was the word of the day and bouncebackability is what we did in spades. The game started with a real sense of déjà vu. Several gilt-edged chances spurned and we were 1-0 down. The game continued in the first half in the same vein until Adam Diep, finding the ball at his feet in the penalty area and in showing the strikers how to do it, he side footed the ball home. Unfortunately, it was past Dave in our goal and seemed to sum up our season.
Half time, 4-0 down (again) and what to say. Quite simply, it was they were no better than us, they just wanted it more and we needed to match them in winning the ball. And, although it’s a cliché, we said that if we could get one goal, one goal could lead to two and North Leeds would start arguing amongst themselves.

And so it came to pass. Suddenly, we started doing what we should have been doing all along, closing down, pressuring the man on the ball, really getting stuck in. And we got the first goal virtually in the first minute and North Leeds were really on the back foot. And we then battered them, forcing them back, getting the second early and, sure enough, North Leeds started to lose their discipline and, in true comeback style, we got the winner with minutes to go.

Credit to all the team, Andy for his influence on the pitch and his 3 goals, Adam for keeping going and Pete for never hiding despite a couple of early mistakes and his headed goal.

But, as I said at the end, ‘next week, let’s not wait until we’re four down before we start playing’.

Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 5 - 4 North Leeds Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Matthew Lambert  
3 Phil Howden  
4 Pete Jimack   1
5 Jamie Phelan  
6 Matthew Brault  
7 Adam Diep  
8 John Jessop  
9 Craig Liversage  
10 Andrew Atkins  Andrew Atkins Yellow card 3
11 Callum Crawford  
12 A.N. Other  
13 Shane Mackenzie  
14 A.N. Other