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Match Report - 05 Jan 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Ealandians Res

Peaked to soon –

Ealandians Res vs Mods 4ths – Saturday 5th Jan 2013

It was yet another clear and mild Saturday afternoon as Mullin’s mighty Modsmen travelled along the M62 towards Elland in search of victory. After a promising start to the season (taking 23 points from a potential 30 in the opening 10 games) plus additions to the squad such as Josh Wilbo Williams, John Joe hick and Ashton Rowe Rowe Rowe your boat, you’d be forgiven for thinking that taking 3 points from a mid-table Elland would be fairly straightforward.

‘So who wants to take us through the warm up’?... the silence that followed was evidence that this would be another 4th team performance that’s as quiet as Anne Frank’s parents shagging. But fear not men! Peaksy shall prepare us for battle. Little did we know this would be the last time we willingly did anything he said.

The first half was patchy, both teams struggled to hold the ball in midfield and Mods lacked aerial presence. A break through came 20 minutes in; Aidan Giligan closed down the keeper and slotted the first goal home. 0-1 to the Mods. Mods slowly took charge with a good spell of pressure, a few corners and a Dan White (hair) effort narrowly missing the target.

The closing 10 minutes of the half saw mods on the back foot. Coping well with at least 5 corners and free kicks from dangerous positions. Viners kept the defense organized and ensured that everyone else completed their defensive duties. In the final move of the half Mods caught Eland on the break, a perfect 30 yard pass from Tom ‘if only he was a good at football as he is handsome’ Bedford found its way to the toes of Michael Keeney. Unfortunately he found it as hard to score here as he did with his trans-atlantic ex-fiance, earlier that week.

Half Time. 0-1 to the Mods. Still everything to play for.

Mods started strongly. Now downhill and with the wind they held possession well, and looked dangerous in the final third. 5 minutes into the half a goal came in the shape of Paul ‘ehy’ Green. 0-2 to the Mods.

Now I think this is how the score went. But correct me if I’m wrong.

Elland broke down the middle of the park but a wayward pass left Peter Peaksy with a manageable clearance. Manageable that is unless you kick the floor. The ball rolled past Peaksy and into the path of Elland’s number 10. Tom (p)Webbs brought down the striker resulting a penalty, which they scored. 1-2. Dan White(hair) made way for Jonny Joe ‘son of Hicky’ hick.

Now, as Elland’s winger struck a harmless cross towards the Mod’s penalty area he yelled ‘Hot Potato!’ (I’ve check the rule book and this is allowed). Gullible Tom (p)Webbs, not wanting to burn his fingers, believed him and dropped the ball. Disastrously it landed at the feet of Elland’s number 10. 2-2. Oh dear.

The difficulty of the bicycle kick in football is such that even Pele, one of professional football's most renowned players, describes it as "not easy to do". Due to its difficulty, only a few have been able to perform the move. As such, the high-risk move is one of the most praised plays in the game. - In came a diagonal ball from the right, another manageable clearance lay before Peter Peaksy. Manageable that is unless you try an overhead kick. He missed the ball and again Elland’s striker slotted the ball past Tom. 3-2. Paul ‘calm down’ Green made way for Dave ‘aww fakiin ellll’ Willis.

Mods responded well and for 10 minutes where on the front foot, passing the ball comfortably and looking dangerous in front of goal. A well-worked move that included most of the team was coolly finished from the edge of the area by Pika-Stu Astall. 3-3 back at level pegging, with mods in the driving seat. Within a couple of minutes Mods should have found themselves in front after Keeney’s disallowed effort. Why it was ruled out I have no idea.

Against the run of play, Elland went in front again. A tired defense allowed far too much time and space on the edge of the box and a left footed curled effort found its way into the mods goal. 4-3.

Mods replied immediately with the move of the game. Aidan Gilligan finishing a great spell of possession. 4-4. Ashton Rowe replaced the Vinall countdown. Mods continued to keep the pressure on. Unfortunately the ref struggled with concept of the offside rule and numerous John Joe Hick’s breaks where unjustifiably flagged. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, again contrary to the flow of the game, Elland scored. A good cross, good header and it was goodnight Mods. 5-4. Not enough time left on the clock for Mods to get anything out of the game. Bollocks.

On paper 3 points where manageable. Managble that is unless you don’t fuck up. A disappointing result that could prove costly in battle for 2nd place. Mods showed glimmers of hope but a lack of fitness and drive lead to the points being thrown away. With Man of the match Tom Bedford’s inevitable 1st team call up drawing ever closer (due to Danny Todd’s Honeymoon) how will the 4ths cope over the coming weeks?

Ealandians Res 5 - Mods 4ths 4.



-Tom Bedford

Ealandians Res 5 - 4 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 thomas webb  
2 James Callan  
3 Paul Green   1
4 Thomas Bedford  
5 Ian Vinall  
6 Michael Keeney  
7 Josh Williams  
8 Stuart Astall   1
9 Dan White  
10 Aidan Gilligan   2
11 Dave Willis  
12 Tony Mullin  
13 Ashton Rowe  
14 Jonny Hick