Match Report

Match Report - 09 Feb 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club 5ths lost to Almondburians Huddersfield Res

With an aggregate of 2-14 over the two league games, it's fair to say that Almonburians Res have been a better team than Mods V this season.
They are probably the team that has been most consistent over the 90mins of each game that Mods V have encountered, and are a well organised and, confident team.

We held out for 60 mins and looked all set for a backs to walls heroic result that our defensive play merited.
Then Almonburians scored.

It remained a close contest for a little while longer, then a 2nd goal came and the flood gates opened.
We conceded 4 goals in the last 10 mins.
The exertions by the defence, especially, of the 1st half and the more expansive play by ourselves in the last 10 mins meant that a combination of Mods V tired legs, strange positional play (tired minds)and good play by the opposition meant that we were carved open a little too easily.

Well played Almonburians. A good team and based upon the performances against Mods V, deserve to be promoted.

Man of the match Tom W for some fine saves early on that kept the team in the game. At least 5 of the goals conceded Tom could nothing about and the mistakes were made elsewhere which led to fairly routine chances for their striker's.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 5ths 0 - 6 Almondburians Huddersfield Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Tom Winyard  
2 Rich Lancaster  
3 Ben Canning  
4 Joel Beaumont  
5 Scot Gamble  
6 David Cowie  
7 Shane Mackenzie  
8 Josh Wheater  
9 Jamie Phelan  
10 Chris O'Reilly  
11 Neil Bennington  
12 George Bacon