Match Report

Match Report - 14 Sep 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds lost to FC Headingley

Headingley FC Vs Old Mods – Match Report – 14 Sep 2013

Mods reserves set up with the favoured 4-3-3 line up from Dave Bergans restricted resources available. The early exchanges were relatively balanced with Mods making a real effort to get the ball down and play. However, it was our enthusiasm for playing football that was the side’s downfall in the first half. We forced passes into areas where a pass really wasn’t on, particularly trying to play passes into a congested centre midfield area where at times a back pass or line ball was the solution. This led to frustration and players committing to challenges they couldn’t win, allowing a more experienced Headingley side to pick the ball up in dangerous areas of the park.
An injury to the mods right back and the lack of options on the bench, meant the defence needed re-shuffling to 3 at the back with the introduction of Declan Keaney to wide left. An unfamiliar 3-5-2 was the set up now and Headingley’s fluid front men showed some great movement. With that, Headingley converted 3 first half chances that Sam Lawson could do nothing to prevent. That said, at 3 – 0 it was certainly no one sided affair. As the first half progressed, our centre midfielders started to control the tempo of the game for Mods, and a breaking run from midflied by Brendan Gilligan, which included nice link up play with Jake Williams and a tidy finish from Gilligan into the bottom right hand corner saw Mods pull one back. At 3 – 1 down at half time Mods were still in the game.
Mods went into the second half with the courage and intelligence to make better decisions in terms of tackles and choice of pass. Mods started the 2nd half with ascending style. We pressed better, passed better and were very much the better footballing side. Headingley still possessed a threat though and against the run of play, Headingley broke and made it 4 – 1. Most sides would say game over, but Mods enthusiasm to work hard and play football never faltered. If someone turned up at this stage, they’d never guess it was 4 – 1.
As the rest of the game played out Mods started to dominate possession, and through quick passing from centre midfield, out to the now wide right Gilligan, his pass played in Simon Lewis and Lewis got one more back for the Mods through tenacious strike play.
A disappointing defeat for Mods but still a lot of positives to take from the game.

FC Headingley 4 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sam Lawson  
2 Ben Bowman  
3 David Bergan  
4 Damien Mellor  
5 Stuart Walker  
6 Josh Smith  
7 Phil Gillett  
8 Brendan Gilligan   1
9 Jake Williams  
10 Jonny Hick  
11 Simon Lewis   1
12 Declan Keaney  
13 Michael O'Raw  
14 Stuart Walker  
15 A.N. Other