Match Report

Match Report - 05 Oct 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 lost to Thornesians III

Nervy Saturday with late drop-outs but a full squad still eventually obtained. Good first half performance and could have been 2-0 up rather than 1-0 down. Tended to run out of stamina in the second half but an encouraging performance against a team in a higher division.

Leeds Modernians Football Club Juniors U15 0 - 4 Thornesians III ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Craig Liversage  
3 Phil Howden  
4 Norton Howden  
5 Neil Bennington  
6 Norrie Harman  
7 Pete Forster  
8 Jamie Lovelace  
9 Tony Mckenna  
10 Ian Vinall  
11 Jimmy Rotheram  
12 Clive Smythe  
13 Gary Lovelace  
14 Andrew Morris