Match Report

Match Report - 07 Dec 2013, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds lost to FC Headingley

Any 1st, 2nd or 3rd team players reading this who were unavailable today for the now weekly 'getting pissed-up on friday/saturday night so can't play' or 'I'll text on saturday morning cos someone else will sort it out' excuses, SORT YOURSELVES OUT. We lost today but despite having no keeper, subs or anyone to run the line, the 11 players can hold their heads high and say they gave all for a great club which is run by great people who do their best to give opportunities to everyone to enjoy football.

If you know you can't play, say a week in advance so we can pick teams properly. Don't hide behind a text message, ring your manager, or Mick if you like, and speak to us. Pay your subs on time. If you are injured come and watch. Come and help at training. Help with the warm up, kit, flags and other things that people seem to not like doing. Stay for a drink after the game.

Lads, well done today. You showed how much you care by putting in a shift against a top side and not letting your heads drop. Keep training, keep working hard and the results will come.


Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds 3 - 6 FC Headingley ()

Name Goals Details
1 Stef Papa  
2 Ben Bowman   2
3 David Bergan  
4 Ashton Rowe  
5 Ryan Unsworth  
6 Damien Mellor  
7 Adie Shaduwa  
8 Josh Smith  
9 Michael O'Raw   1
10 Rich Fella  
11 Jonny Hick  
12 A.N. Other   No-one
13 A.N. Other   No-one
14 A.N. Other   No-one