Match Report

Match Report - 09 Apr 2014, Leeds Modernians Football Club Mods U15s beat Thornesians IV

This game summed up everything that is good about our great club . We beat a good Thorns team ( 2nd in the league ) fair and square at Cookridge Lane with a team containing four 50 odd year olds , three 40 odd year olds and Super Steve Brown - one of the best players ever to play for the Mods - playing his last game aged 60 . Wow . We did have young Lovelace who has played all season in the 6ths + young Sean returning to football after 2 years out with serious injury and a couple of younger subs but NO RINGERS . This was a Mods team and credit to you all on the night for such a good performance and deserved victory . For sticking together thru a difficult season and showing what REAL spirit and character can do .

Leeds Modernians Football Club Mods U15s 3 - 2 Thornesians IV ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Phil Howden  
3 Pete Forster  
4 Jimmy Rotheram   1
5 Steve Brown  
6 Tony Mullin  
7 David Cowie  
8 Craig Liversage   1
9 Sean Doherty  
10 Jamie Lovelace  
11 Tony Mckenna  
12 Richard Hoole  
13 Alex Hogg   1
14 Josh Williams