Match Report

Match Report - 27 Sep 2014, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Rodlillian Res

Unfortunate game, Rodillian definitely deserved the win but we gifted them some goals, sat off a bit and were maybe a bit shell-shocked by the rapid goals in the first half and the pace of Adam (I think), the speedy Rodillian winger. His pace made us ponder how quick the First Team winger must be!!

Credit to the team for keeping going, not letting heads drop, it was more competitive in the 1-1 second half. Great combination play by Hooley and Tony, well taken goals and credit to John Walker for withstanding the continual onslaught from aforesaid winger.

Man of the match - George Bacon.

Rodlillian Res 6 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 Damian Dawtry  
2 George Bacon  
3 Pete Forster  
4 Phil Howden  
5 Tony Mullin   1
6 Chris O'Reilly  
7 Alex Hogg  
8 Shane Mackenzie  
9 Craig Liversage  
10 Richard Hoole   2
11 Jamie Lovelace  
12 John Walker  
13 Gary Lovelace  
14 Jamie Lovelace