Match Report

Match Report - 01 Nov 2014, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds drew with Almondbury Res

Its 10 minutes to kick off, in a far away land. Only 7 lads in the changing room, a car broke down 20 miles away, another lost on route and the balls are all flat. It can only mean one thing, Mullin back.

Fast forward 10 minutes and everything has miraculously fallen into place, a goalkeeper at centre half, a 53 year old cripple at right back and a full 45 seconds to warm up. Still no sub, but he's on his way in a taxi from Leeds, without a penny to his name. The first 45 minutes pases without any goals, thanks largely to the patched up Mods defending like heroes, and periodically threatening via long balls from the back from the boot of Tom Day, who kicks further than Matty Lewis on a good day. A first half not without incident however, as Desperate (little) Dan finally arrives, pursued by a taxi driver who is clearly not used to being paid for 40 mile round trips in cheap mobile phones.

10 minutes in to the restart and the Mods, incredibly are ahead when Aldmondmonbury fail, after 13 misskewed attempts, to clear the ball and Rich Burns finally puts the 'move' out of its misery by squirting a 'shot' through the goalkeepers body. Quality football. For the next 15 minutes the opposition huff and puff but bearly threaten a resolute defence superbly marshalled by Tom 'the boot' Day. With 20 minutes to go Sam Lunt bursts through the defence, brushing aside 3 challenges before lashing an unstoppable shot into the roof of the net...2-0, or it would have been if he hadn't been in his own area brushing past his own defence and lashing said shot past his own goalekeeper.

With 10 minutes go, Desperate Dan finally shakes off the taxi driver, and lashes an upstoppsable shot from 25 yards into the bottom of the net, as good a goal as the other 2 were rubbish. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite hold on to an unlkely win and with a few minutes Aldmonbury grab an equaliser which they probabaly thought they deserved.

Honours even, and, all in all (whatever that means) a fantastic performance from a Mods team that showed tremendous spirit, with every player doing their job, and putting in a committed, fighting performance throughout.

MOM. would have been Tom Day, for a superb performance at centre half, but for travelling 20 miles in a taxi, sacraficing his mobile phone and scoring an absolute worldie, desperate (little) Dan, take a bow.

Almondbury Res 2 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds ()

Name Goals Details
1 James Sykes  
2 Dan McCandlish   1 SCREAMER - GET IN !!! 1st of Many !! MOM
3 Thomas Day  
4 Tony Mullin  
5 Sam Lunt  
6 Rich Burns   CRAWLED IN - they all count !
7 Stuart Astall  
8 Adie Shaduwa  
9 Hugo Sach  
10 Chris O'Reilly  
11 Michael Hadjipourou  
12 Paul Green   Broke down !! Unused
13 James Sach   No Show - AGAIN - do you want to play football?
14 Alex Hogg  
15 Tony Mullin  
16 Dave Willis  
17 Mick Birch