Match Report

Match Report - 15 Nov 2014, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds lost to Ealandians Res

The highlight of the day from a Mods point of view was the fact that they had subs! Two of them in fact, so that was nice.

From this promising start things quickly deteriorated. We had the wrong colour kit, the balls were flat, we were late in kicking off, and by half time we were 4-1 down having already used 50% of the bench.

All in all, the first 45 minutes were a shambles. Ealandians goals came from a mixture of individual errors, lack of discipline and a lack of communication. Stu Astalls pulled the Mods back to 2-1, but that was the only bright spark of a poor first half and Mods were lucky that the scoreline was only 4-1.

In spite of all this, there were signs of weakness at the back of Ealandians, and if we sorted ourselves defensively and got the next goal we could get back into this, if we didn't and they scored first, it could get embarrassing.

The second half started and Ealandians scored first. After this though, Mods were the better team. Defensively better organised,and keeping hold of the ball better when we had it. Two goals from Hugo towards the end gave the scoreline a marginally more respectable, and if the game had been 100 minutes instead of 90, we might have got something out of it, but it's not, and we didn't.

Another week where the work effort cannot be questioned, but we need to learn that running around like madmen is not going to work, especially if we're not organised as a unit.

Well played to Ealandians who deserved the result.

Mods MOM - Ben Wilson. Second half display was disciplined and stopped the Ealandians danger man running the game. The less said about the header in the first half the better though.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 3 - 5 Ealandians Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Damian Dawtry  
2 Paul Green  
3 Ben Wilson  
4 Dan McCandlish  
5 Chris O'Reilly  
6 Joel Beaumont  
7 Rich Burns  
8 Michael Hadjipourou  
9 Hugo Sach   2
10 Stuart Astall   1
11 Thomas Bedford  
12 Reece Omidiran  
13 Byron Wilkinson  
14 Adie Shaduwa  
15 Sam Lunt  
16 Mick Birch