Match Report

Match Report - 22 Nov 2014, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds beat Norristhorpe

It now transpires that organised warm ups are overrated, and that the pre-match team talk is really just a waste of time and effort. If you want to succeed in the world of football, you all need to turn up in dribs and drabs with the manager running onto the pitch 2 minutes before kick off with just enough time to tell the team the line up and how they are expected to play (maybe Mullin does know what he’s doing).

After a string of poor results, and some slightly disappointing performances, Mod’s needed to turn their fortunes around, and the place to do this was Norristhorpe. Mods went back to basics and reverted to a simple 4-4-2. Everyone knew the job that was required, and unlike previous weeks where we have had been found out due to running around like headless chickens trying to individually put pressure on the ball, this week Mods first job was to get into their banks of four, and then pressure the ball as a team.

Amazingly, it worked.

An early injury to Rich Burns, meant that he was replaced at CB by Dave Cowie, but this did nothing to weaken the resolve of the Mods, who despite possibly conceding the majority of possession to Norristhorpe, they were never really threatened, and on the only occasion the opposition had to break, it was cleverly/cynically snuffed out by the aforementioned Cowie, who earned himself a yellow card in the process. Up the other end, Mods were creating chances with Hugo and Reece proving a handful for the Norristhorpe defence and only the final ball stopped Mods going in up at the break.

The game was goalless at half time, but Mods were confident and all believed that the game was there for the taking. All we had to do was stay organised.
The second half kicked off, and pretty soon into the ball was bundled home from the corner by Reece to give Mods a 1-0 lead. Not the prettiest of goals but they all count.

At this point Damo came on to replace little Dan who had been suffering with man flu all week. Despite the change Mods stayed organised and created a few chances to increase the advantage but at 1-0 we all knew that Norristhorpe just needed one chance to get back into the game.

That chance for opposition duly came, but when called upon, Sykes stood up well in goal and kept out the Norristhorpe attack saving low to his right.

As the game was drawing to a close, Stu Astall picked up the ball and played through Hugo who calmly netted his 5th goal in 4 games to secure the win and the much needed 3 points for Mods.

Norristhorpe are a good side and the Mods win is testament to their hard work and discipline. Still room for improvement, but that will come with games. There are also several players to come back, but if as long as the team keep performing like this they are going to have to wait for their chance.

A great performance and long may it continue.

MOM – Paul Green

Norristhorpe 0 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds ()

Name Goals Details
1 James Sykes  
2 Dan McCandlish  
3 Joel Beaumont  
4 Paul Green  
5 David Cowie  David Cowie Yellow card
6 Byron Wilkinson  
7 Rich Burns  
8 Adie Shaduwa  
9 Michael Hadjipourou  
10 Stuart Astall  
11 Hugo Sach   1
12 Reece Omidiran   1
13 Dave Willis  
14 Damien Mellor