Match Report

Match Report - 24 Jan 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds lost to Centralians Res

As the old cliché goes, this was a game of two halves.

The first half showed that if the team all work hard, stay disciplined, communicate with each other and battle for everything to a man, then we can more than compete with the best teams in our division.

The second half showed that as a team we are not fit enough and if we let our standard/concentration drop even just a little bit then we are more than capable of getting hammered.

Saturday’s game started a lot earlier than most people will realise. Mick went up to Tinshill top at 9:30 on Saturday morning to check the pitch and found that one of them was playable. From there Mick had to make 20 plus calls to confirm the game was on and make sure that we all had enough players. I had to then get to Tinshill early (after having received and replied to nearly 50 texts that morning) to set up the nets to ensure that we got the one playable pitch just in case Horsforth turned up and decided to play on that pitch. Whilst I was doing this, Mick had visited a hardware store, purchased a bag of sawdust and started marking out the pitch. All this to make sure that you all had a game on Saturday.

45 minutes into the game, all this effort looked like it was worth it with the Mod's 11 carrying out their instructions to a tee, frustrating the 2nd (now 1st) placed Cents and looking dangerous when attacking and should have probably had a penalty. The half time team talk was positive and basically consisted of “keep doing what you’re doing”, “be prepared because Cent’s will start the 2nd half strong” and “the first 45 minutes will count for nothing if we don’t keep the standard up”.

As pleasing as the first 45 minutes was, the 2nd half was as disappointing. A lack of fitness told and this resulted in a loss of concentration and discipline. Cents scored 4 goals in the second half, none of which were “worldies” that couldn’t have been stopped, and mostly coming from individual mistakes. People make mistakes, especially at our level, which is why we need to keep our shape and stay disciplined so that we have the players in position to mop up after their mate if they make a mistake. Whether attacking of defending, we should always be asking ourselves if we’re in the best position to help our team mates. If we’re not, then get into that position.

So another 4-0 loss, another game where the players showed that they can complete, and another game that showed how “nice” a team we must be to play against.

So a disappointing result, but things got worse.

When asked “what was different in the first half to the second?” the response was “they wanted it more than us”. That may have been correct but as far as I am concerned, that is absolute b*****ks. If Mick is going to get up and out to the pitch early and spend his entire morning trying to make sure that YOUR game is on, the least you can do f***ing do is “want it”.

And to top things off, not one single player turned up back at the club for a drink. I understand that not everyone can make it every week and that you may have to get back to go out for the evening, but when all 14 players cannot find half hour at the end of the day to support the club and buy a drink it leaves people wondering what the point is.

We’ve Almondburians at Tinshill next week, who are one place below us and have games in hand so we need 3 points. Next week we need a performance, everyone needs to be at the top of their game and turn up ready to play, and everyone needs to remember that they are part of a club that goes to a lot of effort making sure that you get a game each week and doesn’t ask much in return except that you show a desire to represent the club and that your support it as best you can.

If you think I’m being harsh, then let me know why.

Rant over.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 3rds 0 - 4 Centralians Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 James Sykes  
2 Sam Lunt  
3 Paul Green  
4 Ben Wilson  
5 Rich Burns  
6 Matthew Palmer  
7 Adie Shaduwa  
8 Simon Blake  
9 Reece Omidiran  
10 Tommy Stenger  
11 Joel Beaumont  
12 Dan McCandlish  
13 Hugo Sach  
14 Chris O'Reilly  
15 Dave Willis