Match Report

Match Report - 05 Sep 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Norristhorpe Res

After conceding an average of 7 goals a game last season this was a step in the right direction for the 4ths. In fact it was a very decent performance against a talented, very young 'academy' side, leaving us all wondering, yet again, how low do we actually have to go to come up against teams as crap and old as us?? Clearly divion 7 of the YAL is not low enough.

Some very good performances, in particularr 'Griggsy' who had an excellent debut at centre half, dividing his time roughly equally between keeping track of a vibrant opposition forward line, and mopping up Viners mistakes alongside him.

An interesting debut for our new Iranian signing Mehrdad, not exactly relishing some of the more physical aspects of the English game, last seeen wandering around Ralph Thoresby car park in a daze dodging imaginary late tackles from hungry feral teenagers.

MOM Sam Griggs

Lovelace was not available for the after match press conference, fuelling speculation that he had '2 games to save his job'

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 0 - 5 Norristhorpe Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Gary Lovelace  
2 Neil Bennington  
3 Pete Forster  
4 Phil Howden  
5 Andrew Morris  
6 Tony Mullin  
7 Ian Vinall  
8 Jamie Lovelace  
9 Ben Griggs  
10 Sam Griggs  
11 Mehrdad Shahijan  
12 Declan Connelly  
13 A.N. Other  
14 Dave Collins