Match Report

Match Report - 05 Sep 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts lost to Stanley FC

Not much to be said about this game. After a very bright start where Mods looked threatening going forwards, particularly through Adam Platten, a couple of half chances were missed and we found ourselves a goal behind through some clinical Stanley finishing. A couple more followed before the break and although Mods could see themselves unlucky to be 3-0 down, the response was unacceptable on all fronts. A very poor second half resulted in a deserved thrashing to a decent Stanley side which could have been worse but for some good saves from Matt Gibbons.

Big response is needed next week.

Stanley FC 5 - 0 Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Ryan Capitano  
3 Danny Todd  
4 Paul Hurrell  
5 Daniel Jamieson   Sub 70 mins
6 Danny Claxton  
7 Mikey Hall  
8 Adam Platten   Sub 60 mins
9 Kwame Westerman  
10 Ben Turner  
11 Declan Keaney  
12 Joe Hebblewhite   On 70 mins
13 Phil Gillett   On 60 mins
14 A.N. Other  
15 A.N. Other  
16 Alex Pouncett  
17 Mick Birch  
18 Clive Smythe  
19 Robert Turner