Match Report

Match Report - 26 Sep 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts lost to Aberford Albion

A slightly worse for wear Mods squad travelled to Aberford hoping not to make it 2 cup defeats in successive weeks. Prior evening’s events meant the squad turned up in dribs and drabs with the proper skippers wedding the hot topic of conversation. Gillett was last seen acting like a cheese string on the dance floor circa 11:30, Jamieson dropped his phone down the toilet circa 1:30 whilst Lord Lee was being led a stray by Matt Lewis / Palmer on Call Lane circa 5:30. The 14 lads eventually managed to turn up and eagerly awaited Rob’s team selection.

Rob began by discussing last week game and the positives which should be taken into today and the commitment required from all players in order to progress to the next round of the cup. Rob reverted to the tried and tested 4 4 f***ing 2 which resulted in a couple of changes to the Mods 11 along with a couple of dummy’s being spat out. Mods lined up with Gibbo in goal, a back 4 of Capitano, Jamieson, Claxton and Keaney; Lord Lee and Platten hugged the touchlines with Hall and Gillett playing as a middle 2; BT19 upfront with his 56th strike partner of the season Ross(i). AJK, Hurrell and Waz the unlucky 3 to miss out. No Danny Todd who had reportedly exhausted all his energy trying to keep a heavily intoxicated Lee and Lewis away from Mrs Todd during a 40min taxi ride home the previous evening.

The Mods made a promising start to the game with some decent passing and movement without actually penetrating the Aberford back line. Both teams then began to cancel each other out until Mods do what they do best and give away an easy goal. A mods clearance was hopelessly pumped back into the Mods area by an Aberford defender which found Jamieson wandering round looking for some 3 for £10 Jagerbombs and forgetting about the centre forward he should have been touch tight to. Free header 1-0 Aberford.

Mods again continued to press, getting the ball wide to Lord Lee at every opportunity who was causing a lot of trouble down the right flank. Numerous great balls into the Aberford box didn’t get the treatment they deserved with Ben and Ross(i) unable to find the back of the net. A lot of Mods pressure was building without any end product. Cue Mods at their finest again. Possession lost by the midfield as Claxton pulled wide for the ball creating a massive hole in the defence. 2-0 Aberford.

The theme of the game continued with Mods playing good football in patches, getting the ball wide in patches but defending woefully in a lot of patches. Platten decided to go on a mazy run straight into their midfield duo, one of whom threaded a through ball down their left flank to the centre forward who was circa 5 yards offside. The only time Mods back 4 where in a straight line all game but this meant nothing to the referee who waved play on. No excuse however for Mods to stand waving their hands in the air appealing for offside and allowing their striker a clear run though on Gibbo. 3-0.

Again Mods continued to play good football and press the Aberford back 4 back without creating any clear cut chances. Half chances fell to BT19, Ross(i) and Platten but nothing sufficient to make the keeper work. A loose ball in midfield led to a 50-50 with Jamieson and their centre midfielder which left the Aberford players un-happy and a yellow card for Jamieson (there is a reason for mentioning this). Jamieson felt hard done by with the yellow, whilst Gillett thought it should have been a straight red and Rob Turner didn’t think it was a foul. Make of that what you wish…..

Half time info: Matt Lewis was still in bed and throwing up all over his bedroom floor

HT came and rightly Rob didn’t hold back. It was not good enough defensively, Mods didn’t deserve to be 3-0 down, 3 shots 3 goals but they were and only the lads could put this right. Mods needed to stop feeling sorry for themselves, get out there get the next goal and have a go. Stanley away doesn’t happen again.

The theme continued with Mods playing decent football and getting into good areas without causing enough threat to the opposition goal. 15mins went by without much action with Aberford being weary of conceding and Mods not creating the amount of chances they wished for. Until a diagonal ball from the Aberford right was flicked on by the centre forward straight into the path of a runner who was watched by the Mods midfield as they all forgot their job as the lad cooly finished over the on rushing Gibbo 4-0.

The fears of Stanley away looked like they would become a reality, 4-0 with 30mins to go and a Mods team who had forgot how to defend, track runners or generally look like they wanted to be there. Rob decided it was time for a change of formation and personnel. Hurrell picked his dummy up and replaced Mikey Hall who had sadly been chocolate fingered for an hour with Lee tucking inside to make a midfield 3, whilst Waz replaced Platten as Mods went 4 3 3.

The changes produced and instant reward as Lee found himself with some space in the middle and played a perfectly timed through ball to BT19 who did what he forgot to last week and beat the keeper 1 on 1. 4-1 Mods back in it?

Not for long. Lee again found himself in a similar position and was driving at the Aberford back 4 until he was hacked down from behind, free kick Mods. Or maybe not in the eye of the referee who waved play on turning a mods 5 on 3 counter attack into an Aberford 5 on 3 break. Jamieson forgetting he was on a yellow or just being the moron that he is decided to handle the attempted through ball, breaking up the attack but also receiving a 2nd yellow and getting his marching orders.

4-1 down and 10 man down however the Mods did continue to battle. Lee was replaced by AJK who slotted into the now 2 man midfield (Hurrell centre half) next to his Slipknot loving friend and kept things ticking over. Waz looked a threat wide and another good Mods move found Waz out wide who put a lovely cross in the box and BT19 got another. 4-2 come back on?

Sadly not. Claxton saw a free header go slightly wide and Gibbo made some good saves at the other end as Mods pushed on. Eventually the final whistle went and saw a disgruntled Mods trudge back to the changing rooms thinking what could have been, and dreaming of a cup run or even round 2.

Mention must go to the 3 subs who despite the initial sulking proved Rob wrong when they came on. Declan who was excellent at left back and any above mention of back 4 should probably be back 3, and Ross(i) who showed a lot of promise on his first appearance for the first team this season and looks like he could form a good partnership with Ben.

Mods need to put another disappointing result behind them and put it right Saturday in what is another hard but winnable cup game. Lads need to get to training put the hard yards in and get back to basics on the pitch, giving the goals away we seem to every week is not acceptable but we are in it as a team. It’s a long way back from Settle, even longer if you loose and even longer with Cowie.

MOM Declan


Aberford Albion 4 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Ryan Capitano  
3 Declan Keaney  
4 Phil Gillett  Phil Gillett Yellow card
5 Daniel Jamieson  Daniel Jamieson Yellow cardDaniel Jamieson Yellow cardDaniel Jamieson Red card
6 Danny Claxton  
7 Mikey Hall  
8 James Lee  
9 Chris Ross  
10 Ben Turner   2
11 Adam Platten  
12 Paul Hurrell  
13 Wasim Khan  
14 James Kent  
15 A.N. Other  
16 A.N. Other  
17 Mick Birch  
18 Alex Pouncett  
19 Robert Turner