Match Report

Match Report - 26 Sep 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Rothwell III

The saturday afternoon after the night before. The very bad news Lovelace received on arriving at the club for possibly the biggest match of his managerial career was that 3 of his team had spent the night before drinking the bar dry at Pouncetts wedding, the excedingly good news was that Phil 'as pissed as a man can get' Gillette was in someone else's squad.

Confusion raged for the first 10 mins as we tried to work out whether the game had actually started or Blimey O'reilly had invited the opposition to take part in the last leg of his still to be finished warm up routine. We then went an early goal behind after Phil Howden decided to see what would happen to his goal line clearance if he aimed it at Declan's arse (it flew in our bottom corner)but quickly recovered, gradually took control and were unlucky only to be on level terms at half time. 2-1 to us, 2-2 then Damian Mellor switched from Neil Bennington impressions to a passable imitation of Rudy Gestade (and believe me that is some switch), Declan slotted in the 4th and yet another team had been torn asunder by the Lovelace juggernaut.

After the match, Lovelace again failed to make it into the press conference, sending out his trusted lieutenant Andy Morris, who aimed a very pointed swipe at the 'jaundiced journos' but, carried on where he had left off in the game and missed by a country mile.


Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 4 - 2 Rothwell III ()

Name Goals Details
1 Oliver Bausor  
2 Phil Howden  
3 Tony Mullin   1
4 Chris O'Reilly  
5 Andrew Morris  
6 Jon-Paul Craig  
7 Joe Hebblewhite  
8 Dan McCandlish  
9 Declan Connelly   2
10 Andy Shirley  
11 Sam Griggs  
12 Ben Griggs  
13 Jamie Lovelace  
14 Pete Forster  
15 Damien Mellor   1