Match Report

Match Report - 31 Oct 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts lost to ilkley Town

Following on from last week’s cowardly surrender, it would have been ideal for Rob to be able to make wholesale changes to the team and squad in general. Unfortunately, his hand was forced into retaining the majority of the individuals involved at Hartshead. There was an extremely welcome return to the first team fold for Danny Forrest after a few seasons bullying people elsewhere and an equally welcome return for The Funky Gibbon between the sticks. Unfortunately (again) Gibbons’ ally David P. Cowie once again pulled out around 90 minutes before kick-off (again). Enough said about that Cow.

With Gillett injured and Sultan Jamieson on gardening leave from the sport there had to be a severe amount of patching up at the back. Resorting Auld Jim Kent to his dreaded left back berth and slotting Tim Xavier Baines into centre back in the hope that being in the middle of the pitch would provide him with enough visual stimulation to keep him concentrated for the full 90 minutes. Failing that, we attached some keys to Mikey Hall for Xav’s visual and sonic pleasure.

Capitano Hurrell (c) Baines Kent
Lee Forrest Hall Platten
Despite last week and the pre-game strife, it looked like a very decent team with Josh Standley hoping not to fall foul of Rob’s pre-1950s no sub policy on the bench.

The first half started at a very high pace, immediately it was evident that this was no the Mods of last week, but more good side of the normal Mods. There was few chances at either end but plenty of gusto in-between in the first 45. Gibbon’s excellently denied Ilkley whilst their ‘keeper made up for his comical lack of stature with a fine save from Danny Forrest’s 25 yard pile driver. Forrest looked as though he had never been away, physically bossing the middle of the pitch and showing the fantastic touch and bite we are happy to see home. There was excellent link up with Macca, one of the only men to be able to walk away from last week with any credit, which cut through the middle of Ilkley’s midfield at will.
There was a solidity at the back based around the composure/total confusion of Xav Baines, bringing the ball down at every opportunity and playing with an air of culture not seen since the days of Jamieson, no; Claxton, no; Hebblewhite, no; Oliver, no; Brown, no… not seen before.

James Lee, under the careful eye (and possession loss count) of Richard Hoole, broke character to ping a 60 yard diagonal ball to BT19 who somehow controlled and shot in one movement only to see the post deny him. Interestingly, Mr. Hoole also counted this as an incomplete pass from Lord Lee as it didn’t result in a goal. Strings of excellent free kicks from Skipper Hurrell saw the Ilkley ‘keeper gather unchallenged and the game looked too tight to call.
That was until some excellent high pressing from Platten and Macca saw Mods win the ball high up the pitch and BT19 ‘bear down on goal’ meaning he was at a 1 degree angle of the goal but everyone on the sideline was expecting the inevitable shot. Surprisingly, Ben squared the ball to James Lee to tap into the empty net. Fortunately, we were saved the cost of buying a new match ball as before Lord Lee could launch Mick’s Mitre into the field the Ilkley centre back inexplicably dived and saved the ball with his hand without even managing to get a decent enough hand on it to stop the chance. However, it was enough for the referee to deem it worthy of a red and off went the Ilkley player to the sounds of quite bizarre protests.
BT19 placed the ball on the spot after missing his last 100 penalties. However, his pre-season practice of smashing a ball past a fat, topless, Greek whilst on holiday had clearly paid off and he slotted home easily.

HT 1-0.

*Half time info – Please take time to look at Mikey Hall’s rear windscreen.

Second Half, 1-0 up against 10 men. Obviously we made hard work of it. It appeared as though Ilkley had about 4 extra players and were afforded time on the ball which wasn’t there in the first half. Understandably Forrest and Macca tired and their impact on the game couldn’t be replicated. Mikey, full of running and enthusiasm at not having to clean up cat sick for 2 hours, pressed well and won two tackles in a row on the halfway line. However, there wasn’t support for his pressing and the loose ball was picked up by Ilkley, who played down their favoured right side and squared a cross that Capitano had no option but to try and defend at an awkward height on his own goaline. The option he took was to tuck the ball into his own net, 1-1.

It appeared as though Forrest had fit a dodgy pipe for the referee at some point as there was a clear vendetta against him for a 5 minute spell. Forrest controlled the ball and was penalised for it 30 yards from Mod’s goal. Gibbons asked for a two man wall and requested ex-professional sportsman Lord Lee to take a step to his right. Lee proclaimed, ‘it doesn’t matter, he’s crossing it’. He shot to which Gibbon’s produced a very good save. Lord Lee, surprised at being incorrect for the first time in his life, then watched the Ilkley player run past him and tuck in the rebound. 2-1.

Lee was replaced by Josh Standley whose wonderful reverse pass nearly let Forrest in and Platten’s eye of a needle through ball nearly allowed BT19 to score from an impossible angle in the last 10 minutes. However, to be fair to Ilkley they looked the most likely to score again, drawing a great save from Gibbons near the end and played expertly with one man down. There may be economic strife in Ilkley, as only two of them could manage to pay one sterling for the football card, but they can draw comfort from having a decent team.

There was a huge amount to build on for Mods and it was a good response following last week. Although the result wasn’t there the commitment and performance was in the first half. We have a big cup game next week followed by a club social night, all signs are pointing to another corner being turned. This time in the right direction again.

Man of the Match - Xavier Baines


Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts 1 - 2 ilkley Town ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Ryan Capitano  
3 Xav Baines  
4 Paul Hurrell  
5 David Cowie   Dropped out via text at 1.05pm. Again.
6 Mikey Hall  
7 James Lee   Off 70 mins
8 James Kent  
9 Josh Standley   On 70 mins
10 Ben Turner   1
11 Adam Platten  
12 Phil Gillett   Injured
13 Ross Mackenley  
14 Danny Forrest  
15 Chris Roy   Missing
16 Alex Pouncett   Injured
17 Mick Birch  
18 Clive Smythe   Mythical
19 Robert Turner