Match Report

Match Report - 14 Nov 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds beat Dram Community Res

Off the back of the a hard fought league win 2 weeks prior, Mods turned up at a rain soaked unknown Dram Community Reserves, with Pouncett's trusted scouting network reporting back only one piece of information... ‘They are in a 7 team league’.

Straight into the changing rooms, and a slower than usual change ensued in order to stay out of the driving rain until the last minute. Starting with the same team that finished the week before, Pounce dished out the numbers and left the rest to Smythy… A passionate and rousing piece of pre-game monologue got the lads going, a great change to what always seems to be a quiet changing room.

As soon as the warm up started, it finished. Mind games from the home team or the ref not wanting to be there.. (probably the second) with it hammering it down the kick off got brought forward. It was obvious from the start it was going to be an absolute shitfest of a game - Francy and Flash were just about treading water in the centre, Matty Lewis had his rubber ducks out in the goal mouth jacuzzi and if you had the ball anywhere on the pitch, you were sure there was a Dram player already on sliding on his arse even if he was 20 yards away.

The first big tackle of the day came in following a 50/50 between Deaks and the keeper, with the keeper just getting to the ball first, feet were left in and both were sent spinning in the mud. Next 50/50, nobody is sure what happened but Widz was involved - he let out a little yelp jumped straight up, he hopped, he skipped, he sat down, he stood up, he hopped, sat down and yelped again- Widz as Widz is, got his treatment off field quickly and soldiered on commanding the back four.

20 minutes in, Mods finally realised were weren’t going to be able to pass the ball through the middle, so opted for balls down the wing or across the strikers on the angle. Matty Lewis attempted to find Joel out wide on the left, the ball however fell to JP…… at right back. This took everyone but JP by surprise, who with a great touch, knocked it to Deakin, who then played it to Jonny Hick on the edge of the box. From there you know there will only be 1 outcome. 1-0 Mods.

There was enough time left in the half to see Deakin and Flash wipe each other out on the edge of the box - to the amusement of all that were watching.

H/T 0-1

With mistakes happening all over the pitch due to mother nature coupled with our innate ability to set up opposing strikers and give penalties away when under no pressure whatsoever, Pounce called for a second goal and quick. Chris Ross, pulling the ball down excellently shot from a tight angle - the keeper spilled but Jonny Hick was on hand to prod the ball home from 2 yards. Great work from both of the strikers.

Matty Lewis either wanted Joe Hebb on the field, or was having a tough day with his kicking… either way Joe was showing an excellent first touch on the sideline from Matty's goal kicks - after bringing the ball down 5-6 times, Pounce saw this as enough of a warm up to bring him on in place of Flash. Joe straight in with a strong challenge - left their centre mid unable to play on, with all subs used they were down to 10 men.

The pressure was starting to build, although we had the man advantage Dram were firing more and more at our goal. Matty called upon a few times, showing a safe pair of hands each time despite the weather. Next up Damo who was having a strong game at centre back, put the ball out for a corner - a good ball in saw Dram fire home with a bullet header. 2-1 with 10 minutes to go.

The remaining minutes seemed to drag on, Dram turned to a 2-3-3 in order to push the game to penalties. But with gaps left at the back - Jonny pulled the ball down on the edge of the box, cut in on his left and placed the ball into the top left hand corner. A great goal and well deserved hat-trick which surely bagged him MoM.

Back to the league next week… a few back-to-back wins there will see us fly up the table.

Dram Community Res 1 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matty Lewis  
2 Jon-Paul Craig  
3 Steve Wilkinson  
4 Damien Mellor  
5 William Brown  
6 Simon Blake  
7 James France  
8 Dan Deakin  
9 Chris Ross  
10 Jonny Hick   3
11 Declan Connelly  
12 Joel Beaumont  
13 Josh Standley  
14 Chris Ross  
15 Alex Pouncett  
16 Chris Roy  
17 Mick Birch  
18 Clive Smythe