Match Report

Match Report - 14 Nov 2015, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths drew with Rothwell III

Rothwell 2 Mods 2 (Ht 1-1)

November in the wind and rain.
Old skool.
Hopo and Ian’s jokes.
Old skool.
Skiddy surface. Lovely pitch. Two determined teams.
Old skool.
The average age of the Mods team (including Marcus, Sam, Ben and Jamie.

Simply old.

The majority of the first half belonged to ourselves, and we took a deserved lead through Blimey, in his own rendition of an ACTION REPLAY moment of Vardy’s 8th of 9 goals in a row, latching onto a ball 40 yards out, out-sprinting their defence, jinking to the right and smashing the ball in to the opposite corner.

The Rothwell keeper made some good reflex saves to keep the score line 1-0 (2 in particular would have been goals all day long on another day).

Then that Mods time kicked in. The mess up moment, and a long ball was missed and not cleared and their striker had a one on one with Damo. Their striker did well and kept his cool. 1-1

Ht 1-1 No singing this week from Lovelace, but in Marcus and Sam in midfield and Blimey having another blinder, we had the skills to win the game.

A ding dong affair of a 2nd half with Rothwell much improved and we were placed under a lot of pressure. We held out though and on 65 mins Jamie latched onto the ball inside the penalty box and made it 1-2 to the Mods. Blimey then scored a magnificent goal, a 20 yard chip from the right into the top left hand corner.Only thing wrong with the whole moment was the referee’s decision of off-side. Travesty.

A couple of changes made to freshen the midfield. Fresher we were, but we began to look a little ragged. We gave the ball away from our own throw-in on the half way line, Rothwell broke quickly, and 3 seconds later it was 2-2.

The game could have got ugly late on as the referee decided that a fair challenge for the ball is a penalty. The Rothwell striker in his ridiculous pink boots missed the resultant spot kick by kicking it 2 yards wide. Laughter all round at his error, or maybe the justice of the outcome.

No let up from either team until the final whistle. A fair result. First half to the Mods. Second half to Rothwell and both teams had an opportunity a piece to win, but didn’t.

Afterward Lovelace sang his praises (again) for Blimey and Sam, but it was Marcus that came away with the man of the match award. Deserved.

Afterward it was back to the pub for sausage, chilli and chips and a pint (thanks to Rothwell for sorting this out).

Old skool.

Rothwell III 2 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 Damian Dawtry  
2 Neil Bennington  
3 Pete Forster  
4 Phil Howden  
5 Chris O'Reilly   1
6 Andrew Morris  
7 Ben Griggs  
8 Sam Griggs  
9 Marcus Holder  
10 Richard Hoole  
11 David Hopkinson  
12 Craig Liversage  
13 Jamie Lovelace   1
14 Ian Vinall