Match Report

Match Report - 20 Feb 2016, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts beat Ripon

Today we turned up at a rather windy and muddy Mods to play Kippax, to find a fixture change meaning we were entertaining bottom of the league Ripon. With changes to the starting 11, some words of wisdom from Birchy to our back four and no reserve game, our line-up was as follows

Gibbons, Cappa, DJ, Claxton, Xav, Jimmy, Hurrell, Gillett, Keaney, Waz and Benjamin Subs Mikey and Damo

After a sloppy and lacklustre warm up, we played uphill and into the wind first half against a very young looking Ripon side. Words of get in their faces, bully them and get on top early ringing in our ears, we started as we warmed up, sloppy. Not playing much attractive football but playing long and quickly to our two short forwards, not a lot was being created. As Ripon were getting everyone behind the ball, even at throw ins, there wasn’t a lot of space in the box to play. Jimmy was trying his look with a couple of long range strikes, one being tipped around the post expertly. Declan was having a good battle with their right back and after turning him inside out whipped a great ball in to the 6 yard box and being turned into his net by the defender off the toes of Waz, 1-0. Ripons keeper was forced into a great double, Hurrell tried chipping one into the far post and Declan tried a curling shot just over but not much to report in the way of clear cut chances. Ripons best chance of the half came when Gibbo decided to control a back pass and keep it at his feet for 5 minutes, almost Cech like minus the cheeky turn, allowing their striker to close in but danger dealt with eventually. HT 1-0

Step it up, play the conditions and don't let them back in it sums up our half time chat. Keeping to our form we started slowly. Ripon were not causing us any trouble or creating much and it felt only we could throw it away. Not too much to report or shout about in the second half until Dele Alli (BT19) decided to chest the ball, flick it over the defender and smash a volley into the top corner. Possibly even surprising himself for a change as we finally saw him celebrate/smile! 2-0 With the game playing with an almost end of season feel, Cappa decided to go on the overlap with us losing the ball and DJ having 30 seconds and a 10 yard head start to win the ball but deciding to retreat, “I would have fouled him” was the cry, and Ripon broke quickly. As Gibbo came out to collect the ball at their strikers feet, decided to throw it back into his path, for a tap in. 2-1. Would the wheels come off again? No, not this week. With just enough time for Mikey to hit possibly the worst shot/clearance ever seen at Mods which has just landed in Ripon, Hurrell to take his old legs on nearly a full pitch run nearing a collapse and Gillett to declare he wanted to go back in defence as he was knackered we held on for a valuable 3 points.

We have now taken 10 points from a possible 12 and unbeaten in 4. Let's keep the Mods train rolling. UTM

Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts 2 - 1 Ripon ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Ryan Capitano  
3 Xav Baines  
4 Danny Claxton  
5 Daniel Jamieson  
6 Paul Hurrell  
7 Phil Gillett  
8 James Lee  
9 Ben Turner   1
10 Wasim Khan  
11 Declan Keaney   1
12 Mikey Hall  
13 Damien Mellor  
14 A.N. Other  
15 A.N. Other  
16 Robert Turner  
17 Clive Smythe  
18 Chris Roy  
19 Alex Pouncett