Match Report

Match Report - 19 Mar 2016, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts beat Kippax

Firsts were at home to a team that can only be described as cup winners this week. We were all excited to be involved and privileged to be sharing the pitch to such a big team that were the rightful owners of the worst cup in the west Yorkshire league. Apparently they were tired after taking Weatherby to pens on the Thursday night and coming out on top.

Down to business, off the back of a 3-3 draw against Bruce Bogtrotter and friends the week before which we all knew should have been better morale was still high. 7 unbeaten sounds good but the thought was 3 points and a clean sheet, we were not going to settle for another draw today. The DJ was in place again to uplift the dressing room putting smiles on people’s faces, if he only brings one thing to club at least its smiles and happiness that’s all the DJ wants out of life and also to show case his various tricks he has in his locker out on the field.

The line-up - Gibbo, Cappa, Claxton, Jamo, Kez, Jimmy Lee, keaney, Hurrell, Gillett, Mr Universe and BT19 strong bench of Mikey Hall and Danny Forrest,

Kippax started strong still flying high off the back of the Corn beef Ash cup they won mid-week. A few good early saves from Gibbo kept them at bay while the defence were looking round wondering if this clean sheet would ever come, against the run of play and still not playing the best a burst up the right side from Jimmy Lee and a cut back to our never been out of form sticker BT19 coolly slotted home to make it 1-0. The game continued with the mods now showing what a good footballing team they could be by passing the ball around and making the Kippax team now look very average the cigs they had for the warm up had clearly worn off and realisation that all the effort they have put in to the cup would have an effect on their league position and puts them as one of the favourites to go down. The next goal can only be described as class we had tried a few times but this never looked like coming off, the key part to this goal was the genius that decided to get Danny Forrest as far out of the way as possible which unfortunately meant he started on the bench after scoring the week before. With all the mods players on strict instructions to get the F**k out of the way when a low hard cross comes in from a Jimmy Lee corner so our trusty sticker Ben can do what he does best and add to his goals tally with great technique in to the top right corner. I think someone said this might have been Birch’s idea but as he wasn’t there to see it, he had nothing to do with him at all.

HT – 2-0

Not much to add at half time keep playing football, tight at the back and more Goals will come,

As we kicked off the second half the opposition were running out of ideas even resorting to putting top knot up front to mix things up a bit but the mods defence stayed strong. This led to frustration the other sticker moaned about every single challenge, the manager getting mad because in his eyes we only had 2 shots on target which we scored only to be told by Jimmy Lee, is that not what the whole point of the games about, big balls Jimmy for guy who openly admits if there was any chance of a scrap he would be back in the changing room before the first punch is thrown. The one man that did fancy a scrap was the lunatic at left back when at one point wanted to give Jamo a piece of his mind from 60 yards away he threatened to snap Jamo jaw as I heard Jamo encouraging the mods to push on and get another it’s the little things that turn these stand up guys in to animals so much so that Cappa whilst shielding the ball out of play for a throw felt the breath of Godzilla on his neck panicked and neatly flicked the ball out of play leading to their throw. The left backs comment to this was I scared you didn’t I you little prick, which I can quite honestly say I like my legs in one piece thanks.

Pressure carried on with plenty of goal threat coming from all areas of the field but also from a certain defensive midfielder Mr Hurrell who had a wonderful opportunity some would say harder to miss as he was one on one with keeper only to chip very delicately in to his hands very poor feeble effort. Hurrell is one of the older members of the team but experience comes with this so when he found himself again as a defensive midfielder in to a strikers position he knew not to make the same mistake again and lobbed the keeper to make it 3-0, shouts come from the side-lines to say he was off side upon reflection these shouts came from the mods bench a very unpopular goal for the mods if that can even happen.

The game started to get flat and changes needed to happen so on came the Duracell bunny Mikey Hall and the less active Asda own variety of battery Foza, the game had never been in any doubt apart from the slow start so the 4th goal finished off a convincing performance, a very unselfish Foza broke down the left towards goal and if he had of gone for goal nobody would have questioned but he played a lovely weighted ball over to the oncoming Jimmy Lee who finished on the Full to make it a 4-0 great finish.

4-0 and a clean sheet wrapped a good afternoon for the mods and 8 unbeaten going in to next week where we go again,

Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts 4 - 0 Kippax ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Ryan Capitano  
3 Xav Baines  
4 Danny Claxton  
5 Daniel Jamieson  
6 Phil Gillett  
7 Paul Hurrell   1
8 James Lee   1
9 Ben Turner   2
10 Ross Mackenley  
11 Declan Keaney  
12 Danny Forrest  
13 Mikey Hall  
14 A.N. Other  
15 A.N. Other  
16 Chris Roy  
17 Robert Turner  
18 Alex Pouncett  
19 Mick Birch