Match Report

Match Report - 26 Nov 2016, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Centralians Res

The fog that had enveloped north Leeds all morning, finally lifted half an hour before kick off, to reveal the mods doing a fantastic rendition of the mannequin challenge, aka the 4th team warm up. There then followed a 30 minute silence, impeccably observed by the mods (and all mods teams throughout the club I believe) in honour of the fact the sun had come up that morning.
Unfortunately, outrageously and with utter contempt for this solomn occassion, Centralianns insisted on occassionally shouting out each other's names, offering periodic encouragement, and occassional instructions, to one another. Utter disgrace.
However, Mods had been been working assiduously on dead ball routines throughout the week, and sure enough that was where the first goal come from. From Hoppy taking the goal kick, to young Ben volleying it in from 5 yards outside the box, no cents player touched the ball. They didn't need to, it ended up in our net. Not often you score a goal from an opponents goal kick without touching the ball. Comedy gold. Pure mods.

At 2.30 a bout of clapping signified the end of the silence, and Andy Morris responded by superbly drilling the mods back level, with only his second shot on target since April....... 2009. Exhausted by 5 minutes of sporadically communicating with one another, mods once again fell behind to a well worked cents goal 10 mins before half time.mods were improving, a bit in the same way that ed balls improved in strictly, from utter shite, to just shite, (but very entertaining). Then blimey O'Reilly reversed the habit of a footballing lifetime and struck the ball an unerring arrow from 20 yards into the bulging centralians net. Football hey...bloody hell
The second half was a very different story, Scott (just back from a strangely unsuccessful loan spell with the 3rd team), Blimey and the diamond Pierre (the first, surely, of many to roll off the 'Jimmy Lee Monday night' academy production line) were superb, and Andy Morris was rolling back his 61 years. With 15 minutes to go Pierre took a few seconds out from his relentless chasing down of centralians defenders to latch onto an Andy Morris through ball and do what he does for fun, score goals.
There was even time for old man Mullin to come on, after 2 years on the sidelines with a bad body, for a 38 minute cameo, during which he was only caught in possession 11 times.
A fantastic win, against a top 3 side.
MOM, rightly awarded by manager glovelace, to Andy Morris. But special mentions too to Hoppy for a faultless performance in goal, and for Craig Liversedge, literally, half the man he was last season.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 3 - 2 Centralians Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Dave Collins  
2 Phil Howden  
3 Kevin Burrows  
4 Ben Griggs   1
5 Dan Buckle  
6 Jamie Lovelace  
7 Andrew Morris   1
8 Chris O'Reilly  
9 Craig Liversage   1
10 Rob Hainsworth  
11 Pierre Domel   1
12 Tony Mullin  
13 Scott Morrison  
14 Chris Roy  
15 David Hopkinson  
16 Alex Bottomley