Match Report

Match Report - 15 Sep 2018, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths beat Centralians

After the gut wrenching disappointment of losing to the last kick of the game the previous week, to a team that contained Rob Hainsworth, the 4th team pitched up at Old Centralians knowing that another defeat would leave their 'triple' hopes hanging by a thread.

On arrival things didn't look great. There was a building site adjoining the playing area (that actually looked like a better surface than the pitch), the changing rooms had clearly been the scene of a year long 'dirty protest' and the referee was being assessed, which only means one thing...your chance of getting booked and incurring a 10 pound fine increase exponentially...

The previous week Mods had started quickly, with real purpose and had torn into the opposition..and still lost. So this week we decided to start really slowly, meander around aimlessly for a while and see where that got us. After 10 minutes we were 1-0 down it could have been 3 and we had bearly got out of our own half (ideas on how to start next weeks match, on a post code to.....

During pre season we had worked on a number of corner kick routines and, sure enough, that was out route back into the game. Matt swung the ball in, both centre halves missed it, the goalkeeper inexplicably dropped it and Dom poked it over the line from a foot out. It really is a great feeling for a manager when a training ground routine comes off.

For the rest of the half we traded goals, both defences looking shaky, including a lovely finish from Sam-very 'promising' player who just needs perhaps another 150 games in the 4ths to polish 1 or 2 aspects of his game before moving up to the 3rds-Pidgin, and an absolute ripper from Ivan Magatz who perhaps looked marginally more surprised than the keeper as it fizzed into the corner.

With half an hour to go it was 3-3, but we were clearly getting on top. Matt and Tom were dominating midfield, the defence looking strong and Sam was looking......'''promising'. With 20 mins to go that promise manifested intiself in a mazy run, desperate foul in the box, and a penalty cooly dispatched by Skipper Skelly. At which point a tired Central were clearly there for the taking, all Mods needing to do was pour forward to feed 'good' Tony and 'promising' Sam the bullets to put them out of their misery. Instead we reverted to a back 6 and choked the life out of the game. Still, it did the trick, they never really threatened, 'promising' Sam grabbed a 5th at the death and it was to the civilised part of LS16 with 3 well earned points.

MOM Matt 'Skipper' Skelly

Centralians 3 - 5 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ben Griggs  Ben Griggs Yellow card
2 Chris Roy  
3 Tony Mullin  Tony Mullin Yellow card
4 Neil Jones  
5 Stephen Dilks  
6 Samuel Pidgeon   2
7 Tom Stacey  
8 Matt Skelton   1
9 Mark Atkins  
10 Dom Fear   1
11 Ivan Magaz   1
12 Anthony Stokes  
13 Craig Liversage  
14 Jonathan Froggatt